Christmas jokes for kids

Christmas jokes for kids

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Laughing is great! The best remedy to cheer up, and that does not present contraindications. And if laughter is good, nothing better than sharing it with others, especially on such intimate dates as Christmas. How? Well,... What do you think if we start by telling some Christmas jokes for children?

Jokes stimulate children's good humor, encourage laughter, develop vocabulary, and amuse them. They provoke good and big smiles in your children.

Looking for Christmas jokes for kids? Look at the whole selection of children's Christmas jokes that we have prepared so that these holidays you can laugh out loud.

A Renol!

What happens to Santa Claus if he loses a reindeer?

Gives you kidney failure

There were two Argentines talking and one said to another:

- Look, how it is true that God is very humble, as the Scriptures say: he was born in Bethlehem, and could have been in Buenos Aires.

A boy asks his dad:

- Dad, what are you going to give me this year?

And the father answers:

- What did I give you last year son?

And the child says:

- A balloon

And the well-excited dad says:

- Well, this year I'll blow it up.

What are the people of Bethlehem called?

- Figurines

There is a knock on the door of a house, the boy comes out to open it and his mother asks him who he is. And the child answers:

- Santa Claus

And his mother.

- Well, if it's not papa, don't open it.

How is the US-Canadian border like spending New Year's Eve in Valladolid's Plaza Mayor in a swimsuit?

In that on the border between Canada and the US, there are the NIAGARA FALLS, and in the Plaza Mayor of Valladolid, on New Year's Eve in a swimsuit, YOU WILL NOT DENY THAT YOU GET DOWN.

This is a Catalan who, 15 days before the Christmas Lottery draw, has been in the church saying to God:

- Look sir. You have to help me. You have to make the whole lottery jackpot win. And that year, he does not touch anything. The following year, the same. And the next ... and the next ... and the next.

So God 's cataplines swell, and he appears to the Catalan with a very big light and a very fat thunder:

- My son. I want to help you. But buy the tenth at least.

- Let me know if the lights come on.

And the other answers:

- Yes ... no ... yes ... no

What did Batman get his mom for Christmas?

A mixer

As the judge promised to be tolerant this Christmas, he asks a defendant:

- Man, what is he accused of?
- I have done my Christmas shopping early.
- Man, but that's not a crime, how far in advance did you buy them?
- Before the store opened.

At Christmas Luis goes to the North Pole with Santa Claus and asks him:
- I want a good mom.
The next day Luis knocks on the door and his mother opens it. Then Luis returns to the North Pole and claims Santa:
- I asked for a good mom, and Santa answers:
- Your mom is already good.
Then Luis says:
- Yes, of course, you say it because he doesn't scold you.

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There is nothing like good humor to dismantle misunderstandings and conflicts between people. Jokes are a good resource not only to make children laugh but also to share jokes in tense and stressful moments.

What do jokes add to the daily life of children? Telling jokes is favorable in the education of children so that:

  • Educating children's humor
  • Make children laugh and wake up serotonin, responsible for well-being
  • Socialize the children. With jokes it is easier to make friends
  • Liven up parties and family celebrations such as birthdays, Christmas, etc.
  • Broadcast messages with jokes
  • Stimulate children's creativity
  • Increase children's self-esteem
  • Promote children's memory

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