10 basic rules of coexistence for children

10 basic rules of coexistence for children

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The rules of coexistence are a set of social norms that is as important to instill in children as teaching them the alphabet or eating with cutlery. They are the rules that assure us live together in peace and harmony, avoiding discord.

Saying hello when you arrive, saying goodbye when you leave, thanking or asking for forgiveness are very simple rules of courtesy that children can acquire from an early age. However, they are not the only rules of coexistence.

Good coexistence is based on teaching children to respect the rights of others and to accept that there are obligations to fulfill, because without them, each one would do what seems most appropriate and we would fall into a lack of harmony and respect for others. the rest.

Coexistence rules allow members of a group, be it children in a class, friends in the park, or siblings at home interact and behave in an orderly, tolerant and respectful manner.

In Guiainfantil.com we propose you 10 rules of education, behavior and coexistence that we can teach children, every day, in any circumstance. But how do we transmit them? Always, the best teaching towards our children is from the example: if we greet our neighbors, we thank them if they open the door, we ask for forgiveness when we make a mistake or we listen to them when they explain something to us, they will internalize that learning and consider it as something normal.

Coexistence rules

Child's attitude
1- Have you arrived?Greets
2- Are you leaving?Say goodbye
3- Have they done you a favor?Give thanks
4- Have they spoken to you?Answer back
5- Isn't it yours?Ask permission
6- Do you have?Share
7- Don't you have?Do not envy
8- Have you been wrong?Apologize
9- Are they talking to you?Listens
10 - Have you borrowed it?Return it

The rules of coexistence will help the child to learn to live with others respecting and integrating into the group, whether in the family, at school or with his friends in the park. They are very important attitudes for him to be a happy adult who knows how to relate to others in a healthy and positive way.

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