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'The lost tale'. Story to explain to children the magic of books

'The lost tale'. Story to explain to children the magic of books

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Since the children are in their mother's belly we can do a great job with them to promote a love of reading. This adventure must continue when they are babies, so that they can discover for themselves the fantastic world that is hidden in the pages of a book.

Reading a story or fable to them before bed can be a good habit and the story of 'The lost story', a good way to explain to children the magic of books, a success.

He found the book on the ground when he was walking with his dog Pancho. A cat seemed to be interested in that story too. He bent, He took the book in his hands, looked at it carefully, stroked it, dusted it carefully and opened it with emotion: 'UniVersos', he read aloud. The pages of the story appeared somewhat damp; It had beautiful color illustrations of the sun and the moon on glossy paper.

- How did it end up here? - He asked Pancho, as if waiting for an answer.

He looked around and stroked the book thoughtfully again.

He kept the story tucking it in his coat and went on his way happy with his find.

In front came a man accompanied by a girl. The two were silent looking at the ground. Suddenly the man said:

- Are you sure you lost it around here Carlota?

- Yes Dad. I lost it on the way home. Someone will have found it and taken it.

Pancho and the lucky man heard him as they passed him.

- What have you lost little one? - I ask.

- My tale of the universe. I took him to class so that all the children could see him and ... without being able to finish the sentence he began to cry.

Then he took the story out of his coat and showed it to her.

- Is this? - He asked, smiling, while the girl pounced on him.

- Yeah! - Carlota shouted enthusiastically.

Her father snorted when he saw the girl happy again.

- Thank you so much! - He said gratefully, while caressing Pancho.

Carlota was jumping happily when they saw them walk away around the corner of the street.

Pancho looked at his owner cocking his head and they continued on their way.

And after listening carefully to the story, it's time to show what they have learned from this story and if they have really been listening to your story! To do this, we have prepared simple reading comprehension questions for you to ask.

- What two animals appear in this story?

- What is the child walking down the street?

- Who is Carlota and why is she crying?

- Why, in the end, is Carlota happy?

As happens to the protagonist of our story, books can become a child's best friend and losing or getting rid of him can be traumatic for the little ones. And it is that the link that is established with the stories of the stories is indescribable!

- The inventor of stories
Only through reading books can children come to understand their value and discover how important reading stories is to them. And it is that books are perfect tools for learning and developing the imagination and creativity of our children. And so they will see it with the story of Ramoncete, who hates reading stories, but something happened that changed everything.

- The tree of books
Our children can watch TV or play on the console, but only when they have a book in their hands can they truly transport themselves to a world that no one, only they, can access. And, best of all, they can learn to know themselves and enrich their lives, as Burtree's story recounts.

- The Chilly Bunny
And we talk about stories, but we cannot forget about poems either, another excellent tool through which we can awaken the interest of our little ones in reading.

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