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The story of overcoming an albino child that will touch your soul

The story of overcoming an albino child that will touch your soul

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Albinism is a genetic condition that to this day is the cause of controversy and aversion for unknown reasons that few dare to investigate. The story of overcoming this brave albino boy Not only will it move your soul, but it will help a little to clarify the panorama and can serve as an example for our children to learn that no one and nothing can limit their personality or their dreams, no matter how different their genetic condition may be.

Surely you have heard about albinism, that genetic condition that causes the total loss of melanin production in the body, for which there is no pigmentation in the skin, hair and eyes, acquiring a whitish tone and blue, light gray or violets.

And by the description of these unique characteristics, surely you have met some other albino person and I bet you that you have even met animals like that and you have not realized it, well this condition occurs in the same way in the animal kingdom. And how they are? Well, of a whitish tone when they should have another pigmentation in their fur. Now that I've told you this, does anyone come to mind? Well, keep it in mind while you keep reading.

Elijah Enwerem is a sweet 5-year-old boy who resides in Willenhall, England, a country that is historically accustomed, so to speak, to seeing many white-skinned and light-haired people around him, including those with albinism. However, Elijah did not have this same perception of himself, all he saw was that his parents were vastly different from him and that caused a feeling of terrible anguish in him.

Elijah is the member of a black family and his father is the one who carries this heritage the most proud on his skin, so Elijah did not really understand the reason for his unique characteristics, which led him to isolate himself from his family, his companions and he began to be really reserved with his perception of himself.

'Elijah has nystagmus (trembling eyes) and although he is lucky that his null point is straight in front, it can tire his eyes and cause headaches. It also affects the level of your vision, which is why it is classified as low vision, 'explains his mother, adding:' This means that he does not see things with the same clarity as you or me. His vision was evaluated a few weeks ago and we were told that he will currently not be able to drive a car when he is older. It also has photosensitivity - bright light really hurts. In summer, he often squints his eyes and, under bright lights, complains of pain. When I was a little baby, I was constantly screaming and I think knowing more about the condition now is probably due to this: he was born around summer and we spent a lot of time outside. '

He began to withdraw from others. 'I heard him say to other kids: Do you know I'm really black? If you took off my skin, my blood is black. My blood is African, 'explains her mother. Elijah lost his self-confidence Until one day a British clothing brand noticed his strengths and extended an invitation to be a model (he saw a photo that his mother had posted on Instagram of the little boy). Since then, Elijah's life was filled with joy again and he could see the magic of his unique characteristics, the opportunities he could get, and that his skin tone was no reason to distance himself from his loved ones.

But more importantly, he started to feel comfortable in his own skin - he even has Instagram! At just 5 years old, this beautiful and brave boy has been not only a source of pride for his parents, but also is a symbol of inspiration for other albino children and an example of raising awareness for people who create myths about this genetic condition.

As her own parents express: 'When she started doing model shows, her confidence grew dramatically. Now he politely thanks people who say things about his hair or his face when he hated it before! ... I'd like to think Elijah is helping to spread awareness and dispel some of the myths surrounding people with albinism. '.

Elijah is a very lucky young man. He was born here in the UK to a loving and supportive family. Others with albinism are not so lucky. The stigma suffered by people with albinism in other countries is terrifying.

It is true that, because they do not have melanin in their body, albino people are more sensitive to the sun, changes in temperature and light can be really annoying for their eyes. But there are people, unfortunately even from their own family environments, who insist on limiting their activities when it should not be for the simple reason that they are completely normal people.

For example, when I started my psychology degree, there was a colleague in the highest semesters who was always in front of everything, she was part of the student presidency, a student with excellent grades, a counselor, and even gave the speech of her court in your graduation. What difference existed with the rest? None at all, because she wasn't afraid of who she really was and didn't let her 'genetic condition' stop her.

Confidence is reinforced by including children in various activities from small instead of distancing them out of fear of what others say, because neither skin tone nor common medical conditions are impediments to development or unfolding towards success.

But more important is that they receive early stimulation from their parents who trust their own skin and have a positive perception of themselves. Only by demonstrating what we are capable of can we disprove any myth.

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