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The 5 most important medical influencers in Venezuela that sweep Instagram

The 5 most important medical influencers in Venezuela that sweep Instagram

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Social networks become every day the most suitable platforms to express ourselves, but also a means of communication to enter in search of the best advice for daily life. Be it food, recycling, green living, decoration, makeup ... And why not look for health information here? We introduce you to 5 most important medical influencers in Venezuela, and is that social networks are a guide that we can access at any time and time with just one click.

One of the areas that is taking the greatest boom in social networks is health. Thus, we can see medical experts creating blogs with professional information, giving basic health tips and offering home-made alternatives, but always inviting us to place our health in a fundamental pillar and attend medical consultation regularly to avoid future illnesses or problems.

Such is the success of these visionary people that they have become influencers in their field of profession and now have a large number of followers on social networks, as well as their own personal blogs or collaborations with large web pages dedicated to the medical field. Whatever its medium of expression, you can easily find it on the web.

This is a great example of overcoming and combining technology with influencer fashion to create a space of responsibility and give professional advice in a fun, entertaining and very informative way.

How do social networks benefit medicine? Precisely because it is an open and very addictive space for people, medical influencers can make a small profile in this vast electronic world to carry their message to the masses and promote the importance of taking care of our health and maintaining an ideal lifestyle.

And without further ado, I present to you best influencers doctors in Venezuela. They have a lot to tell you and to contribute!

Alberto Barradas placeholder image
He is a psychologist with clinical training and one of those who have contributed the most to this chair in Venezuela. He has a first-rate career path and this includes international lectures and two books on his perspective on love. But perhaps what he is best known for is his blog, his Instagram and his YouTube channel Psicovivir, where he unleashes his passion: giving his opinion on controversial issues, but also on various points of psychology.

Andrea Cardozo placeholder image
Surgeon, pediatrician pediatrician with a specialty in infant sleep and certified breastfeeding and influencer in social networks. This incredible doctor offers the best childcare advice through her Instagram and Facebook, where you can learn a little more about the world of children in a fun and informative post that you can read or watch through videos in their stories. His greatest contributions are the boost the Baby Led Weaning (Baby-Guided Feeding) and Bliss method (Baby-guided feeding for solid foods).

Carla estrada
She is a fun surgeon specialized in pediatrics and prolactance. She is an influencer on this topic on her social networks and brings the best tips and funniest anecdotes to her Instagram followers, who can gather all the necessary information on breastfeeding, food, pathologies and child care.

Stephane Decrock
A young doctor who is perhaps the image of medicine at the forefront of technology. He is a surgeon specialized in nutrition, so he contributes a lot on social networks with his expertise in nutritional coaching and sports advice for a healthier diet and lifestyle. But the most impressive thing is that he is only 27 years old. Incredible! An interesting fact about this Venezuelan doctor and influencer is that he has videos about himself doing series of exercises, curious facts, information about food and cooking tips to inspire all his followers.

Felix lugo
He is a Venezuelan surgeon specialized in gynecology and obstetrics in Brazil, who offered his knowledge at the Central University of Venezuela and now provides detailed information and tips on everything there is to know about pregnancy, diet, health and relevant care. She also talks about tips for postpartum and childcare on her Instagram account and on her blog, where you can also find how-to videos and her three e-books about personal wellness.

In short, these doctors and health professionals are an example that you can be a great influencer at any time and about what you love the most: Your profession.

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