These are the study strategies for outgoing and cheerful children

These are the study strategies for outgoing and cheerful children

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They are explosive, devastating and totally charismatic. They catch for their story and expression, and they invade with joy and are capable of setting fire to a forest with a drop of water. That is the sanguine temperament or, what is the same, of outgoing and cheerful children, those who take us out of passivity and wake us up when not even the morning alarm is capable of doing it. What else can we discover about them? We talk about the best Study strategies for outgoing and cheerful children.

I remember when I participated in a soccer team. We were in the middle of a championship final in the height of summer. The stands filled with the public, with family and friends cheering for us all. But there was one voice that stood out above the rest. He was Jaime's father, our goalkeeper, who stood out not only for being engaging and lively, but for how he created motivational phrases and cheers of any kind.

The mere fact of listening to him made you awaken a fire that was capable of devastating the entire court. I specifically recall in my memory a play where I was grappling between the ball and six legs, trying to dominate it and do something useful. Suddenly I heard one of his motivational phrases about me, something that lit my soul and I performed a type of assistance that I myself did not think I was capable of. Result, score and favorable result for our team. Champions and to celebrate.

Well, that kind of effect performs a sanguine. Can you imagine what strength one can achieve if a sanguine person manages to find his own study technique? That is the idea of ​​this post: to find, among different strategies, the one that represents this type of temperament so that when carrying out your own methodology, you feel it as part of your personality and it is a much more personalized job.

How to make study time productive and enriching for cheerful and outgoing children? We will tell you!

- Talk the content
A sanguine is easy to talk to. For this reason, imagining that he is a teacher and taking the corresponding class is a good possibility to not only understand the content, but also understand it to such a level that he is able to say it in his own words.

- Create questions
This temperament is very creative, with quick ideas and an intensity that sweeps anyone. For this reason, creating a type of question allows you to direct this same energy and know how to lead it towards a much more useful learning.

- Create a story around the content
This feature goes hand in hand with creativity. Developing a story that is related to the content allows the young person to identify and connect with the same content. It even makes it more alive, a vital aspect for a sanguine person.

- Lead discussion groups
The idea of ​​these communities is to talk or share the same content. Bloods need to be centers of attention in a community, so creating a team where content can be expressed helps in their understanding.

- Work with stimulating music
Here it is according to the consumer's taste, however the goal is that this same melody allows you to keep your performance high and not be distracted. For this reason, an accompaniment is necessary in the selection of the genre to listen to.

As you can see, These strategies allow the sanguine person to feel the protagonist of their own learning. For this reason, both the teacher and the family have the challenge of presenting these alternatives so that the young person can be linked to this type of academic work.

Feeling that your work is in line with your personality allows him to take over his own development and increase self-control and knowledge of his own self. For this reason, this type of work goes hand in hand with a follow-up and accompaniment that will allow the young person to see himself and recognize who he is before others and the world.

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