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The pompous bear. Short story that teaches children to be themselves

The pompous bear. Short story that teaches children to be themselves

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Self-esteem, confidence, self-confidence ... All of these are very abstract concepts that children have trouble understanding. For this reason, Marisa Alonso offers us this story entitled 'The Pompous Bear', which is designed to teach children to be themselves. The following story conveys to children that you do not have to change to like other people. You have to love yourself as we are!

In the forest they were celebrating. The flowers and trees stood upright in all their splendor, forming beautiful window displays. That night there was a festival and all the animals came to the clearing in the forest, very happy, with their best clothes.

Everyone saw Pompous Bear arrive on the path: big, furry, dressed in pink leggings, colorful bracelets and necklaces and earrings in the ears. Some looked at him smiling and nudged each other as he passed by, but Pompous Bear made it a point to enjoy the night and ignore the mocking stares.


- Your! Where are you going like this dressed? - He heard behind him.

Pompous Bear turned and saw the angry wolf.

- Is to me? - He said surprised.

- You're making a fool of yourself! Get out of here! - repeated the wolf.

- I'm not doing anything! Let me enjoy the verbena!

Then the wolf pulled out its fangs and approached him threateningly.

- Get out of here! You're not welcome!

I am not doing anything wrong! Dressed as I want! - Pompous Bear replied, recoiling from the wolf's aggressiveness.

The forest animals that were witnessing the scene, were milling around.

Why don't you leave Pomposo alone? It doesn't hurt anyone wearing like this! - Said a young fox raising his voice.

The wolf glared at the fox.

- Who do you think you are? Dwarf fox! - He yelled, forgetting for a moment Pompous Bear.

- A little fox who tells only the truth! - The fox's parents said supporting their son.

- Leave Pompous Bear alone! - said the hares and rabbits.

Everyone dresses how they want! - Said the snakes and snakes.

- Not hurt anyone! - said the owls and owls.

- Why don't you just leave him alone? - the moths and butterflies spoke.

- Enough already! We want to enjoy the night! - Said the toads and frogs valiantly jumping in front of Pomposo to protect him.

Faced with the avalanche of protests, the wolf had no choice but to lower his ears and left very angry.

The music played again, and everyone, also Pompous Bear, they enjoyed the verbena.

Since our site We encourage you to use this book to practice your children's reading comprehension and to make them reflect. In fact, we adults can also draw an interesting lesson from this story. Here are some questions that you can ask the little ones to check if they have paid attention to the story. This is a 'true or false' exercise.

- Pomposo bear was dressed in a very humble and simple way. True or false?

- The wolf loved Pomposo's clothes. True or false?

- The rest of the animals tried to defend the bear. True or false?

- Everything that happened managed to embitter the vervain of the animals, who no longer had a good time. True or false?

In We have many other stories that can be very useful to work on self-esteem with our children. Below we have put together a small compilation with children's favorite stories.

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This story, which takes place in the deep sea, teaches children how important it is to accept and love yourself. It tells the story of a starfish who tries to woo an octopus without success. She won't succeed until she learns to love herself.

- Nadia's story
In this case, this short story is intended for children who do not trust themselves and who tend to miss themselves. Nadia will realize that, if she sets her mind to it, she can become whatever she wants.

- I like how I am
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- Cloud and lightning
Fables are a very useful educational resource for children to understand some notions that are more complicated to explain. An example of this is the need to learn to love yourself. This children's story will appeal to both children and parents.

Stay tuned to our site to read many more stories with values!

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