This is the best study method for calm and organized children

This is the best study method for calm and organized children

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When children reach the school stage and start primary school, parents must find a study method that fits the personality of the child, but first to find the key with the best tools, it is necessary to know what our child's temperament is. . If your little one is calm and organized, this is the best study method for him!

One of my favorite games is poker, especially this version that has become very fashionable on sports channels: the Texas Holdem version. The grace of this game is to avoid, as much as possible, transmitting emotions or reflections about the game. It is becoming a rock or a being that is not capable of transmitting a message, because there is always someone vigilant who is analyzing your movements and the steps you are going to take.

I remember that in order for me to win a table, I tried to put on dark glasses, put on a hat, and almost bite my soul so as not to generate any non-verbal communication with my opponents. I didn't want them to be able to read my game and thus notice my strategic plan to win the corresponding hand. That's where a colloquial expression comes from when it is meant that I don't want to say anything with my face: 'Put on a poker face'.

That phrase is a faithful reflection of the phlegmatic temperament, that is, of those people who do not convey their thoughts or emotions. I do not mean that I do not feel them, but that it is difficult for him to express them to another. The phlegmatic is not very easy to identify, as it is a temperament that, due to its peculiar way of being, sometimes passes anonymously among others. It is not loud and noticeable, like sanguine; not so affectionate or thoughtful, as the melancholic; neither aggressive nor impulsive, like the choleric. It is a clean sweep that we do not know what it feels like.

The phlegmatic is passive in itself. Quiet and without expressing anything outwards. You can be the best example of a very balanced person. This temperament is a bit difficult to understand and guide, because it lives its own independent world, without caring much if it is related to another.

Nor does he worry about standing out, preferring to remain anonymous. He only does what is due and is satisfied with it. Expressing you has done well enough and plenty. At first glance, a phlegmatic is not a better example of testimony or leadership that mobilizes a community of people. Generally, due to this perception, we tend to misinterpret their actions as inconsequential or relegated. And that itself brings the following danger: not knowing how to accompany them.

I remember many phlegmatic students. They themselves were concerned with executing in good shape and achieving their results. They are those vital pieces of any project, that take care of those less noticeable details, but that are fundamental for all the work.

They are the constant, the persevering, the small steps that allow us to build that great mission of an entire company. They are the ones who maintain a focused rhythm, a determined step that allows reaching a level that can achieve all kinds of benefits. For this reason, these tools can be advised:

- Design a schedule with your weekly plan with precise objectives and easy execution.

- Personal reading and preparation of summaries in a time no more than 25 minutes.

- Leave room for a rereading of their summaries.

- Have an accurate record of progress and of the objectives achieved, since his short-term constancy allows him to realize that he is leading his school process by the hand.

- Avoid strategies or activities which expose you in front of others. In a teamwork, he should be in charge of all the logistics and staging, but not the one who directs the steps of the work community.

As you can see, the phlegmatic has good points to guide them in their work. They tend not to get carried away by emotions, so they can have a high-level job. They are thus saved from any mistake or reckless gesture, because they are able to focus on their mission. It is the true silent lung that breathes the mission of wanting to grow as a person.

"The precise word may be effective, but no word has ever been as effective as a precise silence." This phrase by Mark Twain gives us precisely the value of this structure: in its silence there is a nascent creativity and beauty that allows an integral growth in its personality. For that reason, empathy and the correct accompaniment towards their interiority are important.

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