Magic recipe. Christmas story for children about teamwork

Magic recipe. Christmas story for children about teamwork

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Without Christmas tales We'd lose a bit of our Christmas spirit, right? 'Magic Recipe' is a beautiful story that, in addition to being loaded with Christmas illusion, conveys an important lesson to children about teamwork: When we work together, we are better! In this story, Santa Claus and his friends the elves try to find the magic Christmas gift, the one that all children have to receive with great enthusiasm this year. Will they get it?

Santa Claus was very worried. And so much worry kept him from sleeping at night, made him angry and he had stopped humming happy carols to accompany his daily tasks.

Mama Claus didn't like seeing him so sad. I missed her smile! So he tried to find out what was wrong with him.

- I'm so distraught ... Children don't like my gifts anymore! –Santa Claus responded to his wife's question.

Mama Claus didn't understand anything, but they did love them before!

- Now, they do nothing more than ask for video games, tablets and mobiles. They have lost the illusion for the usual gifts! Board games to have fun with their siblings, cuddly toys to hug, building blocks to build imaginary cities… Emotional and highly imaginative toys! –Santa Claus continued saying.

- How is it possible! You have to do something right now! Or else… The kids could lose the holiday spirit! - replied Mama Noel worried.- I have an idea! Ask all the elves for help. Surely all of you will find the solution.

Quickly, Santa Claus buttoned his huge black boots, grabbed his red jacket, and made his way to The Toy Factory. There, the elves were preparing everything necessary to work: wrapping paper, colored ribbons, bows ...

Santa Claus soon gathered them all together and explained what was happening to the gifts of all the children in the world. In the faces of the elves you could see the terror at what was happening. The Christmas spirit is at stake!

- We have to find a way to make children excited about gifts again. What ingredients does a Christmas present need so that the little ones like it?

The elves thought for a while ... And suddenly they began to hear little voices saying:

- They need a large dose of Childhood!

- We can't forget to put a good handful of Joy!

- And of Courage!

- And, of course, the gifts have to be loaded with Delusion, a lot of hope!

- We also need liters and liters of Fun. The gifts we give to children have to be a lot of fun.

- And the Love, it is also an essential ingredient. Gifts have to have a large portion of love… Love for siblings, love for parents, love for friends… Love!

- I would add Dedication… Dedication to the people they love.

Santa Claus was excited about so many responses from his elven friends. Before, he was so concerned that he didn't realize that talking it all together would bring many solutions. What good teamwork!

- Very good! Well done, team! So it is then, our recipe:

Magic recipe to make children's gifts

Santa Claus couldn't believe his eyes! The initials of each of the magical gift-giving ingredients formed the most important word: CHRISTMAS.

Happy for this wonderful coincidence, the elves quickly set off. They turned on the machine to make the gifts, threw in all the magical ingredients that they had talked about with Santa Claus and… boom! Criiiii! Whoo! Bang!

Do you know what a wonderful gift came out? The best Christmas gift any child can get - a big hug!

Do you think your child has been attentive to the story? Put him to the test with these reading comprehension questions that we propose below! It is not an exam, far from it. But they will help you know if your little one understands what he reads and is able to hold attention during reading time. In case you do not know how to answer any of the questions, do not hesitate to enjoy the story again, as many times as you want!

1. What was so worried about Santa Claus?

2. What did Santa Claus advise you to do?

3. Do you remember any of the ingredients that the elves proposed?

4. What is the best gift a child can receive at Christmas?

In we are totally convinced of the importance of educating children in values. And Christmas is a perfect time of year to talk about it. For this reason, below we have compiled some of the most beautiful Christmas stories that work with values ​​such as kindness or generosity.

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Merry Christmas to all!

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