What to do when children cheat on school exams

What to do when children cheat on school exams

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As is known, during the school year different tests and evaluations are made whose objective is to contrast what is worked in the classroom and what the children are learning. There are many boys and girls who enjoy showing everything they know and everything they have learned, but there are also many others who experience it from anxiety and the possibility of failure, and on some occasions this can lead them to copy, both in an exam and in a job. What can parents do when they tell us that our children cheat on school exams?

Often times, the tests that our children undergo can be oral, written, in the form of work or even some teachers evaluate through direct observation.

That children cheat on tests or papers is a reality in all schools. This situation is usually considered as punishable in some center regulations, especially in the higher stages.

But, As mothers and fathers, what can we do about that? First of all, it is advisable to try to find out what is the reason that has led you to this circumstance. And these may be some of the reasons:

- Perhaps the level of demand at home is greater than he or she can bear.

- Or maybe you want to meet the expectations of your parents or reference figures.

- At other times, students do not want to face a possible failure.

- Other times you may doubt your knowledge in addition to feeling insecure and that is why you copy.

- Demotivation, reluctance or apathy in academics, in any specific subject, can cause this act.

The aim of recognizing the motives that lead children to cheat on tests is not to justify this act. But it does help us parents understand why they are doing it and how we can help them.

Everything we have just seen must be taken into account and come up with a possible answer. To do this, it is convenient to coordinate with the school, and do it not through questioning but through dialogue and understanding. At this point the 'non-judgment' is very important, since this can lead us to distance our son and to see us in the role of sanctioners. And anything farter from the reality.

At this point, it is important to take advantage of this situation as a new opportunity for learning and growth. Starting from the basis that we as adults, as references, have already made our own reflection, facing our son or daughter, we will work on the following:

1. Cheating on an exam or school work is lying. How do we treat lying at home? Are we careful not to lie about anything? Do we sometimes banalize the lie? Reflect on it.

2. If I want to educate my children in the value of honesty, it is necessary to do it from the example, as a good reference. Either you have honesty or you don't. Parents can never forget the great importance that our example has in the education of our children. And it is that, although we are not aware of it, our children are always observing our movements and attitudes, and these serve as a guide.

3. When a student copies himself, and teachers and family, they miss the educational opportunity to know how much they know. And that you must know and be aware of its consequences.

4. On the other hand, taking responsibility for his act, he will assume the appropriate consequence.

Breathe and be calm if this happens to you. My recommendation will always be: treat the matter as a learning opportunity for you and your son or daughter.

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