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The best 8 letter names for your future baby boy or girl

The best 8 letter names for your future baby boy or girl

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That you have not yet chosen a name for your future baby? Do not worry! We have prepared a perfect list for you with something in common. Is about eight letter names with a lot of personality and a surprising etymological origin. A long name is always a good choice: they are names with tradition, that have not gone out of style through the centuries and that will give your son or daughter a special sound. Don't worry about them being long! Almost all have a way of shortening them with diminutives or affectionate nicknames!

The choice of the name is one of the most thoughtful decisions during pregnancy, so it is better not to rush, take your time and, above all, not be overwhelmed. The one you choose will finally be a perfect name for your baby!

1. Almudena
It is a name of Arabic origin that comes from the term Al-mudaynah or al madinat, which means city or citadel. It is the name of the patron saint of the city of Madrid. Did you know that in the 8th century the people of Madrid hid the carving of a Virgin on the wall before the imminent arrival of the Muslims? When the Reconquest ended, they found the Virgin hidden in one of the cubes of the wall and, since then, Almudena has been the Virgin of Madrid.

Like any long name, we will have the tendency to shorten it and we can do it with the diminutives or nicknames, Almu or Dena, they are the best known.

2. Ignacio
It is the name of Saint Ignatius of Antioch, who was a disciple of the apostles. This name can have different origins: a Greek one from Ignêtes, which means 'innate' or it can also come from the Latin Ignatius, which means 'inhabitant of Rhodes'. Ignis is also 'fire' and natus is to be born, with which Ignatius would be born of fire. The best known nickname for Ignacio is Nacho, but we can also call them Iñaki or Chete.

3. Macarena
This name went around the world thanks to the famous song by Los del Río. And it is that Macarena is a name with a lot of art, and it is not for less, since it has its origin in the Sevillian neighborhood of Macarena. Although it could also come from the term makarios (μακάριος), which in Greek means 'happy or blissful'. Macarenas for short are called Maca.

4. Patricia
It has a noble origin, since the Romans called the descendants of the nobility patricians. They were the privileged class, as it was believed that they came from Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. Patricii or Patricius comes from Pater, which means father. So Patricia by its etymology would be noble woman.

5. Carolina
It comes from the Germanic name Karl, from the same term that the name Carlos comes from and means 'strength'. Karl was the strongest son of the God of Light, so Carolina is predestined to be a strong woman.

6. Fernando
It comes from the Germanic word Firthunands, which is made up of Firthu, which means peace and freedom and nands, which is 'bold', 'risky' or 'brave'. We could consider that Fernando is 'the one who dares to fight for peace', so it is not surprising that it has been the name of kings like Fernando II of Aragon. It is a name that has many variants such as Ferrán, Hernán, Hernando or Fernán.

7. Victory
If you want your daughter to be a winner, there is no better name than Victoria. The name Victoria comes from the terms victor or victorius which means 'victorious', or 'successful' and has been etymologically considered as 'the one who triumphs over evil'. It is another name for monarchs like Queen Victoria I of England or Victoria Eugenia de Battenberg. It has a beautiful name that is Vicky.

8. Veronica
Verónica's name comes from the words vera and eikon and means 'true image'. It refers to the true image of Christ, since Veronica wiped the face of Jesus on a cloth on the way to Calvary. In that canvas they say that the features of the face of Jesus were impregnated.

Although there is also a Greek etymology that says that Verónica comes from the name Berenice, which means 'the one who bears the victory'. In French Veronica is Veronique and in German it is spelled Veronika. It has a very used diminutive which is Vero.

9. Santiago
The name of Santiago has three different origins. In Latin it comes from Sacte Jacobe, which means Holy Jacob, one of the patriarchs of the Bible. Its meaning is 'the one who changes'. It is the name of the apostle Santiago de Zebedeo and its diminutives are Santi or Tiago.

10. Benjamin
The first Benjamin that comes to mind is Benjamin Franklin, the famous inventor. The name Benjamin comes from the Hebrew term Binyāmîn, which means 'son of the right hand'. As he was the youngest son of Jacob and Rachel, 'the youngest' is the youngest son. You could put it on your child if you think it will be the youngest child. But beware, you never know! It is a name that you can also shorten with the diminutives of Benja, Benyi or Ben.

11. Valentine
The name Valentine speaks for itself, it comes from valens which means 'bravery'. Besides bravery and courage, Valentine is the name of love. You know why? San Valentín de Berriocha was a Spanish missionary who is considered the patron saint of love because he opposed the order of Emperor Claudius II, who had forbidden young people to marry, so that they could dedicate themselves to war completely, without any ties . Valentine disobeyed and began to secretly celebrate marriages of young lovers. He was sentenced to death for this on February 14, 270. Does the date ring true? Yes! That is why Valentine's Day is celebrated on that day.

Has the name and the history behind all these names convinced you? We hope so!

That many parents choose 8 letter names for your kids It is not a coincidence, since it is a digit with a lot of meaning and that contains many curiosities that can give you clues about what your little one will be like.

- It means beginning, the transition between the sun and the earth. And ... have you noticed that if you write it horizontally it represents the infinity symbol?

- It is said that it is the symbol of life, at least that is how the Catholic Church recognizes it.

- It is linked to organization, perseverance and control of energy.

- The Pythagoreans associated it with harmony, prudence and reflection, but also with balance, stability and solidarity.

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