This is the ideal context to enhance all the talent of children

This is the ideal context to enhance all the talent of children

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Pedagogues, teachers, psychologists, coaches, we know that the context in which the person, the student or the athlete develops, largely determines their performance and the development of their abilities. The footballer Leo Messi, for example, surely would not be the same player if he were in another team that was not FC Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčthat is to say in another context. You are in the most appropriate context for your abilities and skills to lead you to develop as a top-level athlete. But, What is the ideal context to be able to enhance all the talent of children?

As you can imagine, as with an elite athlete, children must also have the most appropriate context that allows them to bring out all their talent. We must provide our children, students or athletes with a context as appropriate as possible, where they can develop their capacities, skills and abilities. In this way they can have optimal development of their talent.

From the pedagogical point of view, I propose to generate appropriate contexts for your children, student players, based on the following characteristics:

1. Love and affection
There can be no better context to develop the talent of each one -develop and learn-, that is not a context based on love and affection. This also means that threats, blackmails and punishments are not given. It is already known that one of the main consequences of these parental measures is low self-esteem in children.

2. Security
We seek safe environments where people feel confident to assume their responsibilities. However, the ideal context for children must also provide them with the opportunity to fail, understanding failure as continuous improvement.

3. Curiosity
As the saying goes 'curiosity killed the cat'. Children, students, athletes are curious by nature, the problem is that they are not in contexts where they can develop that curiosity.

For this to be possible, it is good that they see you do different things, that any initiative catches your attention, that there are different types of books at home to which they have access ... We cannot forget that our example has a lot of weight in the education of our children. Although we may not realize it, children are always watching us and paying attention to our behavior to learn from it.

It can also be positive to propose creative activities such as crafts, cooking, decoration ... It is about trying to arouse their curiosity in any field that is of interest to them.

4. Responsibility
Introduce them to the realm of responsibility, and not just the realm of obedience. Make sure they take care of their things, their materials, their house, their room, their classroom, their wardrobe ... That is, we must promote that children are responsible. In this way, we will ensure that they fulfill their obligations because they are responsible for them, and not because we have forced them to do so.

5. Independence and autonomy
Parents must consider whether with the educational method we have chosen for our children we are giving them the opportunity to be independent. That context that seeks to develop children's talent encourages autonomy. And it is we must try that children do not need the adult to guide their learning. Let them free, make mistakes, analyze, do not direct their games, do not send all the orders. Make sure they feel free to grow and learn.

Once you have seen the necessary characteristics that this context that invites children to develop their talent must have, make a small reflection: Are you offering it to your children, students or athletes? What could you improve?

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