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How an Argentine mother with two children lives in Spain

How an Argentine mother with two children lives in Spain

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This is the flower story, an Argentine mother who decided to move to Spain for the love of her to start a family. Twelve years ago she arrived in Madrid 20 weeks pregnant with her eldest son, and four years later, she experienced motherhood for the second time. Now, she feels very happy, her two children have two countries, two cultures and a lot of love to receive.

Motherhood has no nationality, and neither does love. Flor met her current husband on a vacation in Peru, and after living in Buenos Aires for a while, they changed their place of residence to Spain to be parents.

This adventurous mother is a general surgeon and family doctor. The working day in Argentina was unsustainable, since she was moonlighting, working seven days a week, in the mornings and afternoons. One day she thought that if she wanted to be a mother, she couldn't continue like this because she wouldn't have time to enjoy her future children. So he wish to be a mom It led him to make one of the most important and beautiful decisions of his life: to start a family in an unknown country.

'I am very happy. Spain has become my home, I am super comfortable. It is true that it is complicated because all my affections are in Argentina, but that would be the only negative part. Everything else has been positive, one hundred percent ', Flor tells us very excited.

The change made her life better! You now have a job that fits your needs family, and in this way, you can raise and share moments with your children. Together with her husband, she has created a welcoming and rewarding family nucleus. What's more, when she had her two children she was able to spend more time with them, thanks to maternity and paternity leave, which in Spain offers a longer duration.

In Spain, female workers have the right to 16 weeks maternity leave after the baby is born. In addition, the father can count up to 8 weeks. On the other hand, the time granted by Argentine legislation to mothers for the birth of their child is 90 days, and to male workers it is two working days, one of the shortest in all of Latin America.

Spain also provides a quality public education to its children for a lower price. "What I value is that the public schools here are very good, something that doesn't happen there," explains Flor. These are some of the reasons that convinced him to make the decision to start a family in Spain.

The customs are very similar. But, Flor has been able to verify that in Spain, parents go out for a walk with their babies, even when it is raining or cold. Something that is not very typical in Argentina, since there you live more indoors. It is one of the characteristics that he also misses about his land. Probably, at home or in your country in general, many more family moments were shared. Maybe each one with a different activity, but all in a common space.

She tries to include Argentine customs in her home, and she does so through travel. They love to go back to their country so that their children know their history, and feel identified with their roots. She also tells them about her childhood and youth, so the children feel a little closer to her and Argentina.

Flor has been adapting to motherhood within her new environment, she has learned with the help of her family, friends and other Spanish mothers. She is very happy with her two children and her husband in their new home.

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