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12 compound names so weird you can't believe they're for babies

12 compound names so weird you can't believe they're for babies

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Many parents choose to place compound names to your boys and girls, either united in a single name or as a harmonic combination of two names. Be that as it may, these combinations are still very popular in Ibero-American countries, although currently we can find parents who are inclined to seek increasingly original and somewhat risky options, to the traditional combinations of names. And some of these compound names are so rare that you won't believe that there are babies that are called that.

Before we start, let's take a look at some tips to keep in mind when creating name combinations.

- If you want to form a name made up of a single word, you must have careful when forming it. If the first name has an accent, then it must disappear when combined with the second name, example: María Inés is changed to Marinés.

- You must seek a harmony between both names so that they are heard light and easy to pronounce by others. This will save your children a lot of trouble explaining how to write or say it.

- You must also take into account the grammar, so they have to be names that, although they are interesting and peculiar, are easy to write both for your children and for other people. Which will avoid future confusion or complications.

- Although they lean towards attractive and strange compound names, you should avoid such extravagant names, especially if you live in a simpler community. This is because in the future, your children may be teased or prone to low self-esteem and you don't want that to happen, right?

You should also think about the impact this compound name will have on your kids. They are the ones who will carry you for the rest of your life and even though you and your partner do you think is the perfect name for themAre you sure that your children will feel the same? So take your time, analyze the names you want to choose and find a unique but harmonious combination.

We start with the list of names for girls. Do you like any of them for your baby on the way?

1. Adalucila
A strange but very harmonious and beautiful combination for girls. Ada is of Hebrew origin and is a feminine proper name whose meaning is 'The one who possesses beauty' while Lucila is of Latin origin, coming from the term Lux which means The illuminated one, it is a feminine variant of Lucio.

2. Adalberta
This is a well-known combination, it is the variant of the German name Adalberth, formed by Athal and Berth and although it is a mostly masculine name, it can also be used for girls. Its meaning is 'He who shines in nobility'.

3. Evalina
This is quite an old combination, but it still retains its originality. It comes from Eva, whose origin is Hebrew, as the original name of a woman and means 'She who gives life' and Lina, of Greek origin and is the feminine variant of Lino whose meaning is 'Impetus and nobility'.

4. Emma Minerva
A very interesting compound name for a girl. Emma comes from the German Ermin as a feminine proper name, whose meaning is 'She who is strong' while Minerva comes from the old Latin Menerve which means 'She who possesses wisdom'.

5. Andra Indira
You may agree with us that this is a strange but very beautiful combination for girls. Andra has a Greek origin, as a feminine name whose meaning is 'That one with strength and courage' on the other hand, Indira is of Hindu origin and is a reference to the Goddess of prosperity Lakshmi.

6. Melania Sarahí
Melania comes from the Greek feminine proper name and is a reference to dark honey and dark-skinned women. While Sarahí comes from Hebrew and its meaning is 'The sovereign'.

And when it comes to names for boys, these are some of the rarer options.

7. Jean-Claude
Jean Claude (which can be written with or without a script) is an interesting combination for children, very popular in France. It comes from Jean whose origin is Scottish and means 'The grace of God' and Claude who comes from the Latin Claudus.

8. Gianluca
Although this name is very common in Italy, the truth is that in the Spanish-speaking world it is rarer. It comes from the union of Giovanni, which is the Italian variant of Juan, so its meaning is 'The compassion of Yahweh' and Luca, which is the Italian variant of Lucas, whose meaning is 'He who shines'.

9. Marcoandré
A combination of rare compound names that can look good on a baby. Marco has its origin in the Latin root Marcus which means 'Man consecrated to Mars', while André is a variant of Andrés, whose origin is Greek and means 'Manly and masculine'.

10. Axel Cristiano
Axel comes from a Scandinavian variant of the Hebrew Absalom and means 'Hatchet'. For his part, Cristiano is of Latin origin and means 'One related to Christ'.

11. Jair Joshua
Can you imagine your son with a name like that? Jari comes from a Portuguese variant of the Hebrew name 'Ya'ir' which means 'The enlightened one', while Joshua also comes from the Hebrew Yehoshúa and means 'Yahweh is generous'.

12. Iker Jordán
This compound name is a bit strange, perhaps due to its foreign inspiration. Iker is well known in the region of the Basque Country and is a masculine proper noun that means 'The one who brings good news', while Jordán comes from the Hebrew verb Jared, whose meaning is 'The one that flows slowly'.

These options are perfect examples of quirky and attractive name combinations, without being too risky that you can give your little ones. Which is your favorite?

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