The list method against demotivating children when studying

The list method against demotivating children when studying

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During their school career, it is very possible that children show in more than one moment (and two) a certain demotivation when studying. It is important to know how to accompany them in this process that takes them from demotivation to motivation, because there are many years of study that remain and the sooner they begin to learn to get out of that lack of spirit, the better results they will obtain. For this, I propose and explain what it consists of the technique or method listedto detect negative thoughts in the little ones.

To begin with, it is important that you observe your child in his studies. I'm not saying you study with him, but pay attention to when his bad mood about studies begins, his criticism of what he does, his negative inner language, etc. In this way, you can find out when demotivation has been activated It causes you to have negative thoughts towards yourself or negative thoughts towards future events.

I make a point to remember that studying with your children, if it is not strictly necessary due to 'almost' a doctor's prescription, is a way of reminding your child: 'you are not capable of doing it yourself', 'you are not prepared for these studies if they do not help you', 'you will not be able to be autonomous on your own' or, even worse, 'you are not responsible enough to take care of your studies by yourself', 'without the help you will not be able to do someone '. Take care when you choose to accompany your children in their studies, to give them the security that they really need.

Returning to the topic of demotivation, let's begin to break down what we can do to help them get out of this moment. And, for this, I propose the list method, a very useful technique that you can use with your children (even with yourself) from this very moment.

Demotivation is created by a thought, which as I say, can be related to oneself or to the events that are coming. Therefore, it is advisable to help children identify these thoughts.

How? To do this, I suggest that you help him write or verbalize what beliefs go hand in hand with those thoughts. It is here, when the 'I am not able to study alone' may appear. Depending on the answer your child gives you, we are going to take action!

To do this, we are going to remind you of what resources you have and in what situations, you have overcome yourself. That is, we are going to make a list of events and / or skills where the child has managed to cope with the learning process with their best resources: while learning a video game, the day they took the bicycle for the first time, the first day he faced school, etc. Remind him of what happened in those moments, and write them down to keep them present in moments of demotivation, where our main objective will be to empower our son.

In the case of the previous example, 'I am not able to study alone', defined as a limiting belief, we can help you, as another alternative to the list of events and abilities, to create a new empowering belief where, for example, studying in the library alone but surrounded by other people, is a way of dealing with limitation.

Finally, it is important for the child to be clear about the objective of their study session. If you have many things to study, the good thing would be to pay attention to the popular saying: 'Divide and conquer'. In this case, it is convenient that you make a list from large to small, and in each thing that you have to study, associate an action. That will help you go step by step, and your goal will not be so great.

Of course, don't forget the moments of rest while studying. It may even be advisable to stop to do a sports activity or an activity that you like or enjoy (such as reading your favorite book or calling a friend), and then continue studying. This will make your son or daughter feel more motivated because our brain will be working to do so.

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