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Baron and the boy who was sad. Short story about emotions

Baron and the boy who was sad. Short story about emotions

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Emotional intelligence can also be dealt with from children's stories. It is about teaching children to identify and name what they feel at all times. This short story, titled 'Baron and the boy who was sad', talk about sadness and joy. It can be a sweet excuse to start working with children on some of the most basic emotions. After the story we propose more games and complementary activities.

Baron had broad legs, a brown snout, and very large ears; He was a very happy dog ​​who was always wagging his tail, and the only one in the house who in recent months managed to get a smile from the little one. They found him abandoned inside a garbage container and took him home with only a few days of life; since then it became Elijah's best friend of games.

Elías was always sad lately. The boy knew that something was wrong with him but was unable to explain it, and that made him suffer terribly. His chest was tight and he felt like he was choking sometimes, but he didn't know how to tell his parents.

- What's wrong sweetheart? - Her mother asked her worriedly.

- You can trust us! - his father repeated over and over again; but Elías was unable to explain what was happening to him, although deep down he was crying out for help.

The dog gave Elías great licks when he saw him sad to console him; but the child took him away from his side locked in his world.

after a while Baron woke up sick; he complained pitifully and did not open his eyes. Elías and his concerned parents rushed him to the vet.

- Baron does not have any disease that causes these disorders - he said very sure of himself.

The three looked at him anxiously waiting for him to tell them what was wrong with Baron.

- This dog is very sad, there is something that makes him feel that way - said the vet.

The three of them were very quiet, and on the way home, Elías with Baron in his arms was crying silently in the back seat of the car.

Elías realized what was happening and wanted to help Baron; She constantly stroked and hugged him, and that made them both feel better.

One day Elías grabbed a ball and threw it to the dog; They hadn't played together in a long time. They began to run around the garden as before, and Barón began to wag his tail, while Elías, faced with the happiness of his parents, gave a laugh from time to time.

Over time, in the same way that sadness entered their lives, without hardly realizing it, joy also entered their hearts.

After reading this story about the emotions of a child and his dog, we propose a series of questions that you can ask your child to reflect on the topic:

- How do you feel when you are sad? And when you are happy?

- Do you remember a time when you were sad? And any in which you have been happy?

- Do you think that when a child is sad they want to sing and play with their friends? Or do you feel like it more when you're happy?

- A more complicated question: if sadness and joy were colors, what do you think they would be?

Below you will find some activities and games with which you can continue to work on emotional intelligence.

1. The pacifier of emotions
Using a pacifier (those paper figures to play with your hands) you can work on the 6 basic emotions: joy, sadness, fear, anger, disgust and surprise. You have to draw a face that represents each one of them on each side of the comet. Each time each one of them comes out, you will have to adopt the corresponding gesture.

2. The game of faces
While you are brushing your teeth, take advantage of the bathroom mirror to make faces with different emotions: sadness, anger, happiness ...

3. More stories about emotions
Disgust, jealousy, joy ... We propose a compilation with some of the best children's stories in which we talk about the different emotions that both children and adults experience on a daily basis.

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