Fruit porridge for babies, month by month

Fruit porridge for babies, month by month

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From 6 months of age of your baby, the pediatrician may indicate that it is time for you to start introducing fruit porridges into your little one's diet. It is important to note that these porridges are a supplement to your diet and should not substitute or replace breast or bottle milk, which provides much more protein.

Fruit is a very beneficial food, which provides vitamins, minerals, fiber and carbohydrates, which should be present in children's diet. In addition, it does not have fat. You can give them some in small soft pieces, but the most comfortable are the fruit porridges.

To go introducing the different fruits the diet must take into account the age of the baby.

In general, the first fruits are introduced after five or six months (apples, pears, bananas) but those that cause more allergies, such as strawberries or peaches, should be used later. The same happens with cookies, which in the first months could cause food allergies due to the gluten they contain.

With these porridges you will know when to introduce the different fruits in the baby's diet, always under the advice and authorization of the pediatrician.

In Guiainfantil.comWe offer you this complete guide so that you know what porridges you can give your baby from six months to one year of age. With these recipes, your diet will be more varied and complete, and remember that for good growth you can complement them with vegetable purees.

Multifruit (5-6 months). How to make a fruit porridge for your baby. The variety in the diet of babies is also essential for their growth. With this multifruit porridge that the team at our site has prepared, they will have all the vitamins and nutrients they need for good growth and development.

Banana, pear and orange (5-6 months). Learn how to make this homemade recipe for banana, pear and orange porridge, recommended for babies from 6 months of age. By combining some fruits, you can get rich and healthy fruit porridges for your baby. Follow our baby food recipes.

Apple and pear (5-6 months). Apple and pear porridge recipe for babies. How to make a baby fruit porridge. Feeding babies is essential for their growth. With this apple and pear porridge you will provide essential nutrients and vitamins. We teach you, step by step, how to make a fruit porridge.

Tangerine, banana and pear (5-6 months). Fruit porridge for babies. Babies also need variety in their diet. For the little ones, prepare this recipe with mandarin, banana and pear porridge. A recipe rich in vitamins, fibers and other nutrients, for an adequate and healthy diet for your baby.

Banana, apple and mandarin (5-6 months). A banana, apple and tangerine porridge for children from five months of age. A complete and nutritious food for your baby's snack or breakfast. Learn to make this rich, healthy and easy recipe for baby food at home so that you can introduce it to your baby's diet.

Grape, pear and apple (9 months). You can prepare this recipe for grape, pear and apple porridge for your baby from nine months of age. With it you will ensure that it has all the vitamins and minerals it needs to grow. In addition, it is an ideal recipe for constipated babies.

Watermelon, mango and banana (9 months). With fresh fruits such as watermelon you can prepare your baby, starting at eight or nine months. our site gives us the recipe for a watermelon, mango and banana porridge to make your baby's diet even more complete. We tell you how to make it, step by step.

Kiwi, melon and apple (9 months). With this recipe for kiwi, melon and apple porridge, your baby will be able to enjoy a healthy and delicious food from nine months of age. A porridge that provides many vitamins and fiber to babies, children and the whole family. Follow our recipe, its ingredients and its step by step.

Mango, apple and orange (9 months). Homemade recipe for mango, apple and orange cream or porridge for babies and children. From eight or nine months we can introduce new fruits into the baby's diet. This mango, apple and orange porridge is a complete snack for your child.

Plum, pear and orange (9 months). Babies' diet begins to include crushed fruits and vegetables, with this recipe for plum, pear and orange porridge you will give them a very digestive food. We teach you how to make this porridge, step by step. Recipe very rich in fiber, vitamins ... ideal for constipated babies.

Apple, pear and watermelon (9 months). From eight or nine months we can give the baby this apple, pear and watermelon porridge, perfect for hot days and very complete for feeding. A recipe rich in fiber, vitamins, and that will help to hydrate your baby in a healthy and adequate way.

Kiwi, strawberry and banana (12 months). Fruit porridges are a necessary supplement in the diet of babies so that they grow up healthy. This kiwi, strawberry and banana porridge, which they can take from one year of age, they will love. They are also fruits that provide vitamins, fibers and many other nutrients to the health of the baby.

Mango, pear and strawberry (12 months). For a snack or lunch, this mango, pear and strawberry porridge will delight children. Suitable for babies from one year of age, to avoid food allergies. On our site we teach you how to make this delicious and healthy fruit porridge recipe at home for your baby.

Cherry, pear and banana (12 months). The diet of a baby has to be as varied as possible, so that he does not get bored. With the recipe for cherry, pear and banana porridge your child will eat a food with many vitamins from twelve months of age. We teach you how to prepare the recipe for this fruit puree for your baby.

Peach, pear and kiwi (12 months). From the year of life, the baby can begin to eat more fruits. With this peach, pear and kiwi porridge you will give it a healthy food full of vitamins. Of course, feeding in the first years of the baby's life should be guided by your pediatrician.

Melon, peach and apple (12 months). The recipe for a delicious and homemade melon, peach and apple porridge for your baby. From 12 months you can prepare this recipe full of vitamins for babies. On our site we tell you what ingredients you need and how you can make this recipe.

Apple, peach and strawberry (12 months). Strawberries are one of the fruits that children like the most. Include it in your diet with this porridge recipe along with apple and peach. A recipe that babies can generally try, starting at twelve months of age, and as advised by their pediatrician.

Oatmeal porridge with banana (12 months). A very homemade recipe of how to prepare an oatmeal porridge with banana pieces for the baby. Recipe for babies, children and pregnant women. our site teaches you to prepare a rich and nutritious recipe for porridge with cereals and fruit, for a correct children's diet.

Fruits are a very tasty and healthy alternative for babies who are beginning to be spoon fed. Discover why it is important that its introduction in the baby's diet, how it should be done and what benefits the baby food contributes to the health of the little ones:

1. They contain a smooth texture and a very light and pleasant taste for the baby's palate

2. They have a large amount of water, so it is a great source of hydration for the baby.

3. They provide antioxidants and micronutrients, essential to prevent diseases such as obesity and cardiovascular problems

4. They have a large amount of fibers, ideal to prevent and combat constipation in babies

5. They are a healthy and practical way for the baby to discover and become familiar with new flavors and tastes. One way to diversify the foods in your diet.

6. They are beneficial when the baby has to start eating with the spoon.

Before you start making fruit purees, you should consider some hygiene and fruit handling care, as well as tips to make the most of the nutrients in fruits.

  • Choose the most ripe fruits. Avoid those that are green
  • Combine and mix the fruits well. Example: orange with banana, apple with pear, etc.
  • Wash and peel the fruits well
  • Remove seeds, pits, and pips from fruits
  • Cook the fruit in boiling water or steam
  • Do not add sugar to cooking fruits
  • Pass the cooked fruit through the blender until it has a smooth texture
  • Serve the porridge in a deep dish and let it cool before offering it to the baby

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