Witty note from a granddaughter to her grandmother to learn how to use a mobile

Witty note from a granddaughter to her grandmother to learn how to use a mobile

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What would my life, and that of my daughters, be without grandparents! They are an important and essential part in the education of my little ones, that is why I put everything in my power so that contact and communication with them is as effective as possible. Of course, I have to fight against technology, and my father does not handle his mobile very well, and with WhatsApp I don't even tell you! Luckily a girl has made some ingenious notes for her grandmother to learn how to use her mobile. I borrow the idea! And if it happens to you like me, take good note of the invention too!

Have you ever tried to explain to an older family member in your house how to use a mobile phone? How was the experience for you? Sorry because she had gone to live in another country and couldn't find a way to have daily conversations with her grandmother, this girl we're going to talk about sharpened her wits so that, with a lot of love and a little extra help, both of them could communicate without problems.

'My grandmother lives alone and I just moved to another place, so I made a kind of guide to teach her how to use her first cell phone, since she has no idea about anything. I hope you understand my notes! 'Explains Tabis. Undoubtedly a gesture of love that has gone viral and that has the young woman surprised. 'I never imagined that I was going to help so many people and that they would like my notes so much, since I am not an expert in anything. I just did it lovingly for my grandmother. '

This young woman's tutorial consists of several sheets. In the first (photo above), Tabis starts with the most basic concepts on how to use the cell phone: power button, low battery icon, how to turn the device on or off, raise or lower the volume ...

In the following note, there are all the elements that your grandmother can find on the mobile home screen: take photos, see what day of the week it is or what the weather will be like, dial the phone ... And some more personal notes like 'send messages to us' or 'those with an X don't use'. Great!

And we come to a very important topic: explaining the mechanics of WhatsApp to grandparents. Here it not only tells you how to send texts but also the option to call and to view photos and videos. And finally, it details the most important contacts you have and how to establish a dialogue between them.

Finally, for the more advanced, Tabis has made an outline on how to watch YouTube videos or how to listen to music, but that's already for tuition!

My childhood has always been linked to the people of my parents and, therefore, to my grandparents. The lessons I learned from them have helped me become the person I am today. And although they are no longer with me, there are many days that I think about them and that I put into practice the values ​​they transmitted to me.

- They taught me to be a patient person (I'm working on it, but I haven't succeeded yet), not to try to anticipate events.

- They made me see that with work things are achieved and that, sooner or later, the effort has its reward.

- Also that one has to be true to oneself, because only then will others see you as an authentic and principled person.

- That the discussions are not going anywhere and that all they do is burn us inside. Become aggressive people!

- On envy, they showed me that it is one of the great enemies of the human being, and that this feeling / emotion must be tried to remove it from our life because it only brings problems.

- With them I discovered that generosity is the basis of relationships with others.

- At his side I understood how important tolerance is for the human being and that it does not matter that another person has another religion than yours, because that does not disqualify them from being your best friend.

- That joy is the state we have to hold on to every morning when we put our foot out of bed.

- But above all, they taught me to love and to do it unconditionally.

Thank you grandparents for so much!

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