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Nutritious puree recipes for babies

Nutritious puree recipes for babies

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The porridges and purees begin to be included in the baby's diet from the age of five months. A great time for parents, and a key moment in the child's development, so it is very important to include as much variety as possible.

Although they are small, our children can also get tired of the same meals every day. Therefore, in We offer you varied recipes, to which you can add other ingredients, so that your children's feeding is entertaining.

For several months, purees will be the only way to feed the baby, so they will like to have different flavors and discover new foods as we incorporate them into their diet, always being on the lookout for allergies.

In addition to providing many necessary vitamins and nutrients in their diet, purees are a great help for parents: We can prepare a large quantity and freeze it for other days, and they can be easily transported if we are traveling.

When the pediatrician allows us to introduce more vegetables, fruits, meat or fish, we can make more complete and original purees. Here are some suggestions to prepare delicious purees for your baby, and don't forget to send us your suggestions.

Zucchini puree. We teach you how to make a delicious and nutritious zucchini puree with an easy and simple recipe. our site teaches us how to prepare a homemade baby cream. Zucchini is a vegetable that, due to its high water content, has diuretic effects and does not provide too many calories.

Mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes is a traditional dish that children love. We teach you how to prepare a homemade recipe for mashed potatoes, an ideal dish to combine with meats, vegetables and all kinds of food. In addition, the potato provides energy and vitamins to all who consume it.

White fish puree. This soft puree of white fish with vegetables contains everything you need to be a healthy and balanced dinner for your baby. A homemade recipe for children with many vitamins. This rich and healthy fish puree can be introduced in the tenth month of the baby's life.

Vegetable and chicken puree. With the vegetable and chicken puree, specially designed for the baby, you will have a dish that provides vitamins, proteins and all the nutrients your child needs to grow up healthy. Homemade recipe for chicken puree with vegetables. Step-by-step recipe with photos, easy and healthy, ideal for the whole family to eat vegetables.

Pumpkin cream. Scrumptious homemade recipe for scrumptious soft pumpkin cream with cheese. A very grateful dish with many vitamins for the children's lunch or dinner. Recipe for soft cream of pumpkin with cheese. How to make soft pumpkin cream for children.

Mashed carrots. One of the first ways for a baby to taste the vegetable is to feed it in this carrot puree, which has many vitamins, antioxidants and helps lower cholesterol. It is also a food rich in iron for children. Learn how to make this delicious recipe, step by step.

Mushroom cream. Cream of mushroom recipe. A simple recipe with a mild flavor, perfect for children's dinner due to its lightness. Easy recipe for cream of mushrooms and mushrooms for children. How to make cream of mushrooms for children's food.

Cooked puree. To take advantage of the remains of the stew, try this recipe for stew puree for children, very healthy and with a different flavor, you will have a healthy and economical dish.

Cream of leeks. Leek cream recipe for children's Christmas Eve dinner. Leek cream, a traditional recipe for Christmas food. easy recipe for vichyssoise, healthy leek cream for children.

Green bean puree. Simple and nutritious puree recipes for babies. Vegetable creams for babies from six months of age. How to make a green bean puree, step by step, for the baby. our site brings us an easy and simple recipe for green bean puree for both babies and children to learn how to eat vegetables.

Leek and potato puree. Leek and potato puree or cream recipe for babies. our site has selected the best vegetable purees for baby food. Simple leek puree for the baby's diet. We teach you how to make a creamy puree, rich in vitamins and fibers, for children.

Sweet potato and zucchini puree. We show you how to make a zucchini and potato puree for six month old babies. Sweet potato and zucchini puree for children. Zucchini and sweet potato cream for babies. On our site, you will also find a lot of proposals for purées for babies and children.

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