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12 tips so that the mobile does not ruin the holidays of children (or yours)

12 tips so that the mobile does not ruin the holidays of children (or yours)

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Our children are digital natives, they have grown up surrounded by technology and we cannot deny it, but we must manage its use. Now that we are in summer, with more leisure time, children can spend too many hours hooked on mobiles and tablets. Mom and Dad, don't let the mobile ruin your child's vacation, Nor yours !!!

It is true that for them life has no meaning without technology. Almost a third of 10-year-olds and 83% of 14-year-olds have a mobile phone. And, according to a study by the Association for Media Research (AIMC), Spanish children spend almost 5 hours a day in front of a screen.

We have to understand that we are witnessing a cultural change in this regard. The way of consuming leisure and the way of communicating has clearly changed, but we have to differentiate when there is a natural use due to social evolution and when we are faced with an abusive use.

1. First of all try to measure the time your children spend in front of all the devices. Write it down without saying anything to them. Write down the time they spend with the mobile, watching TV or using the tablet ... Only then will you know if it is a reasonable time or it is more than you would have thought.

2. Let them use the mobile only when they have completed their tasks daily at home and if they have completed their vacation review exercises, if any.

3. Negotiate a limit of hours exposed to the screensFor example, two hours including television could be a reasonable deal (if your children spend more than four hours, consider that they are overusing).

4. It is a good idea that in breakfasts, lunches and dinners everyone put aside your mobile (even adults).

5. Be careful if you notice symptoms of visual disturbances, headache, pain in the wrist or arm, and weight gain. In these cases, children are too exposed to screens and are beginning to suffer physical consequences.

6. Offer to read a book on paper. That time they will be unhooked, they will foster their creativity and they will develop language skills.

7. Ask yourself if your children dedicate long enough to do sports, play with friends or be with family and see if taking them away from technology creates anxiety.

8. Don't use mobile devices and television as 'virtual babysitters'. How many times have we seen parents give their son their mobile phone to calm him down when he is having a tantrum, when he is bothering the elders or while food arrives at a restaurant!

9. Make them understand that mobiles, in addition to being objects to communicate and have fun, they are channels for learning. Make positive use of mobile devices as a vehicle for learning by teaching science videos or using educational resources.

10. If you have discovered that your child exceeds the limit of exposure to screens and gets angry and anxious when he can not count on technology, try to make a technological withdrawal by organizing outdoor excursions in which he does not even take his mobile nor the console.

11. Try to avoid use the screens one hour before bed, so that this activity does not interfere with the quality of sleep.

12. Make a 'mobile parking' at night in the living room to charge them and prevent them from being hidden in your room until the wee hours of the morning. This practice called vamping is harmful to your health, since the blue light it emits mobile in the dark can damage your eyesight.

By following these tips and, above all, letting ourselves be carried away by common sense, we will be able to establish and maintain a healthy and balanced relationship with technology.

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