The Only Liquid Foods A 6-Month-Old Baby Can Have

The Only Liquid Foods A 6-Month-Old Baby Can Have

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As parents, we get excited when our baby begins his complementary feeding (like any other achievement that is achieved in the different stages). As soon as the child begins to try new things, many doubts arise. What liquid foods can a six-month-old baby eat? How to make that introduction of new foods? How to offer them? On this occasion, we are going to focus on fluids, so necessary for good hydration.

Food is one of the most important aspects of human life and that is why we must take care of it from the first day of the birth of a baby. In these early stages, without a doubt, breast milk is the ideal food for the little one, but the following days are also going to be crucial for their health, so I want you to know a term that may sound familiar to you: the first 1000 days .

What do toilets mean when we talk about the first 1000 days for a baby? It is nothing more than the food received by the little one during pregnancy (approximately 270 days, but here it will vary according to the date of delivery) + their first year of life (365 days) + the second year of your baby's life (365 days) .

The sum, as you already know, results in 1,000 days. Yes The diet during this time is not adequate, it is what will determine that your child increases the risk of suffering from preventable diseases in adult life such as diabetes, hypertension or obesity, among others.

Many mothers worry about how to feed their baby, but others get carried away more by what the neighbor, friend or grandmother says (I hope this is not your case) and give their baby foods that are 'not recommended' by the different academies of nutrition or pediatric societies.

And, although it may be incredible to read and, especially to understand, I have come to see in my practice cases in which they offer the 6-month-old baby (in this post I am going to refer to babies from 6 to 12 months of age). age) malt aromatic waters, tea, strains, natural and / or processed juices, sugary drinks and even chocolate, without knowing the damage that any of them can cause to the child's health.

Therefore, I want to tell you (based on scientific support) what fluids your baby (6 to 12 months) can receive. These are basically just three:

- Breastfeeding on demand
Your milk is made up of 88% water, so it can perfectly cover all the needs of the little one. And it is that the milk at the beginning quenches his thirst and the milk at the end of the blowjob satisfies his hunger. Hence even in extremely hot climates they do not need to drink water if it is less than 6 months old.

- Infant formula, in the case that breastfeeding has not been achieved.

- Pure water.
Pure water can and should be given from 6 months of age when the baby begins complementary feeding, not before, for many reasons, including: greater probability of abandoning breastfeeding, greater risk of contamination and, therefore , diarrheal diseases (your kidneys are immature and can cause you some kind of serious problems or pathologies).

Something that can happen, but so there is no need to be alarmed is 'What if the baby does not want to drink water when starting complementary feeding?' And the answer is very simple: nothing happens. Your main source of water will remain breast milk, however, You must offer water so that he can relate and accept it as time goes by.

There are people who choose juices, but here you have to be very careful. Packaged juices are not recommended due to their sugar load (simple is high), which results in an excessive intake of calories. Plus, they lack fiber, which translates all of this into a higher risk of tooth decay, diabetes, and obesity.

The best thing, if we want the little one to eat fruit, is to offer it to them in bites! This way we avoid losing vitamins and minerals and, of course, never add sugar because the fruit itself already contains it.

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