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How to be more patient with children this holiday (yes, it is possible)

How to be more patient with children this holiday (yes, it is possible)

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Although we are waiting all year for the arrival of summer, sometimes it is not as we had planned. Although we do not have to work, it also has its moments of stress and anger: children's fights, the pressure that everything goes as well as planned, some family relationships ... That is why today we talk about how to be more patient with children this holiday and how to enjoy rest days much more. If possible. And you can do it!

The vacations of our sons and daughters can sometimes seem very long and difficult to reconcile with our work life. That is why we often sign up our sons and daughters to summer camps, out-of-town camps, or turn to grandparents to be with them while we still don't have days off.

But it is also important that we keep in mind that vacations are the time for us to be with our children, enjoy them and spend more moments with them. During the course and with the whirlwind of the routine, we miss a lot of learnings, situations and games with them. It is because of that on vacation we have a great opportunity to be, but to really be with them and not at half gas.

It also happens that in this time we spend with our sons and daughters is what sometimes overwhelms us, exhausts us, drives us crazy, and the dreamed, deserved and A desired vacation can turn into a real hell. And because? The reason is very simple, we are not used to spending so much time with our children on the one hand and on the other, we want our own vacations at our own pace. In addition, the lack of routine in children can cause their behavior and behavior to change slightly, showing somewhat more moved than usual, in need of more attention or with infrequent gestures or comments in them.

Knowing all of the above, it can be easier to organize properly, breathe deeply and agree in an assembly and family way some rules and premises to achieve a common and individual enjoyment for the holidays.

Here are some tips to have a perfect family vacation (without losing patience).

1. Put in common what each of you would like to do relatively routinely: reading, watching TV, napping, etc. Thus each and every one will know what the others want without having to take it for granted.

2. Find that moment so that all family members can ensure that enjoyment, that there is that space, that moment and the respect necessary to carry it out.

3. Look for moments of play and enjoyment as a family, to be together and present. Our children want us to be with them, with our full attention at their disposal. Remember that we will be fathers and mothers all our lives, but they will not always be small.

4. Keep in mind that vacations are days to break the routine, break some rules and do something crazy. Let our children see that too we relax in that sense and we are flexible. The school year is already full of rules and routines, on many occasions, immovable.

5. Don't forget your extra patience, since it is not uncommon, as I said before, that the lack of routine, the change of activity every day, the changes in diet produced by 'lowering the guard' these days or even sleeping more or less, can slightly change the rhythm of our children and their behavior, and sometimes it can be more annoying. Do not resort to punishment, threats or shouting, really, they are useless.

6. Finally, enjoy your children: play with them almost everything that during the course you could not, and as I always say, let out your inner child without shame or concealment, so that they can also enjoy you more.

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