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Love is the best food for the baby from its first moment of life

Love is the best food for the baby from its first moment of life

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There is so much talk about motherhood ... How to be a happy mother, how to make our child happy ... But I think we forget the main thing: allow ourselves to give and show all our love to our little ones. If there's one thing we can never forget, it's that love is the best emotional food for baby. And, for that reason, you need to receive it from the first moment of your life.

I recently visited a friend in the hospital who was just getting started as a mom. After being with her, I couldn't help but wonder: What are women taught in prepartum classes? How to breathe in childbirth, how to position yourself to sleep and breastfeed or how to feed ... But, I wonder if anyone talks in these preparatory sessions about how show our children LOVE.

Often, we leave these classes with all the prejudices in the world, as if we did not already have enough prejudices and enough fears, acquired by nature:

- 'Don't hold it too much because it will get used to your arms'.

- 'If he's hungry, don't give him a bottle or he'll get used to it and then he won't want your breast.'

- 'Avoid talking with the mobile phone in front of the baby, because the waves can affect their development'.

- 'Family members should not take the baby until a few weeks have passed since its birth.'

- 'You can't give him kisses, lest we give him a disease. Everyone knows that babies are very delicate at birth and prone to disease. '

- 'The diapers are only changed by the father and the mother, when it is operative for it'.

Do I continue? ... Or have you already got the idea I want to convey?

No one talks about love as the best baby food. Nobody talks about that love can come from their parents, grandparents, uncles, friends ... Nobody says that common sense should operate before the list of prejudices. Nobody says anything about the fact that everyone who visits the parents is leaving their sowing of love in them and in the baby. And far from their rejection, parents should know how to manage this planting.

Thus, there is a grandfather who wants to take his grandson in his early hours. There is a grandmother who has not yet kissed her grandson for the first time and is already three days old. There is an aunt who cannot take photos. There is a friend who seems to be upset with the visit ... and so many ... so many other things that seem to be out of common sense. Without realizing that all they are getting is that That kid runs out of those kinds of 'cuddles' and of course, love.

In all these situations there is love, and all of them, they are being neglected by blissful prejudices. Parents easily fall into the networks of 'doing what they have been told'. Parents are thinking instead of feeling the present moment, always looking for the right thing for their baby, when someone should have told them that the right thing for a newborn baby is that he receives the love of all the loved ones around him and from the best possible way.

I make a call to common sense, to maternal and paternal intuition, to feel the present moment and of course, to Love, in the first hours, days and weeks of babies. I make a call to all those mothers who do not allow themselves to be accompanied in love in those first days.

Remember that 'You learn to love by loving ...' and the moment of the baby's birth is already a perfect moment to start teaching love.

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