Things 6-year-olds will surprise you with

Things 6-year-olds will surprise you with

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On our site, like you, we pay special attention to the physical and mental development of the little ones in the house, and there is nothing more beautiful than seeing our children grow. In order to savor those precious moments a little more, we have prepared a list with the things your 6-year-old will surprise you with and we throw you a challenge: complete this list with as many skills as you want and save it as the greatest of treasures. Six years you only have once in your life!

You will see that some of the things we have put on this list are as wonderful as reading fluently or wanting to play all the time with Mom and Dad. And you will see that there are some that pose a challenge for parents, and that is that children at these ages also challenge and test the established limits. Let's get down to business! Here are the things your son is going to do now that he is six years old.

Starts to change teeth
If your child got his first baby teeth when he was just six months old, it is likely that now that he is 6 years old, he has changed more than one; On the other hand, if your first tooth came out at the end of the year, it will be now that you begin to change them. Be that as it may, do not get lost and have everything ready in case the mouse Perez pays you a visit and you are not caught by surprise.

They can do homework on their own
Of course, children have to do their homework with the help of the teacher or their parents if it is at home, but they also have plenty of capacity to exercise on their own. What's more, it is very useful for them to gain autonomy and get used to working alone.

They are afraid of the unknown and the known
A mother told me, when my little one was two years old: 'Don't worry, if they don't have fears now, they won't have them later.' He was wrong! My 6-year-old son, like countless other children, is afraid of going to the bathroom alone, of the dark ... And, of course, he also shows fear of unknown people or events. If the same thing happens to your child, calm down, they are evolutionary fears that will soon pass by.

Defy the limits
Yes, as you hear, at this age almost all, if not all, children test the limits and rules that we put so much effort into at home. My little one, for example, does it by swearing when he gets angry. What do I do? Well, first of all, arm myself with patience and then talk a lot to him so that he understands things, but also to continue with those limits and offer him alternatives so that he can express his anger in another way than by swearing.

They cheat and tell lies
If your child hasn't told a lie or cheated yet, trust me, it won't take long. Do you know what my little one did last week? He told me that he wanted to shower alone, I let him and after a while he came out of the bathroom with his pajamas on. Well, he hadn't showered and he'd led me to believe he had! Cheating and lies to achieve an end are other things that boys and girls will do when they turn 6 years old. Be prepared!

They are more independent
Now that they are 6 years old or about to turn 6, they show more interest in spending time alone in their room or in playing without anyone in the living room by their side. Autonomy and independence are important values ​​for them, so you have to give them, always with love, the space they ask for.

They love to play with mom and dad
This point is not at odds with the previous one. They start to grow up and want to spend more time alone, but at the same time they love spending time with mom and dad, either reading a book, looking at some pictures (better if they are in the original version) or playing with their favorite toy. I confess that for me they are precious moments, surely for you too!

They read fluently
Each boy and girl has their own rhythm, you know, but almost everyone by the age of 6 is able to read fluently and, most importantly, their reading comprehension has improved a lot. Tell your little one to take their favorite story and read a few lines to you while you listen carefully. You will see how wonderful!

They play board games like the grown-ups
Ludo, the goose, the deck of cards or any other board game that you have at home that is not very complex can become your child's favorite. You do not believe me? You just have to try. And it is that, the mental development of children advances so fast, that at this age they are prepared to understand any traditional board game. Extra advantage: they will be away from new technologies.

Which of the things that six-year-olds do do you like the most? Surely you are not able to say just one!

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