7 water experiments to do with children

7 water experiments to do with children

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Practice these science experiments with your children using the water element


With these experiments with water, boys and girls will improve their knowledge of science while they begin to understand the importance of water, which will help them to consume it responsibly in the future.

Although it seems incredible, especially for the smallest of the house, we can create fog without leaving the house. This can be done thanks to a children's experiment created to learn one of the basic principles of science.

With water we can do several home experiments with which to discover some of the curiosities that science hides. One of these experiments with water for children is the one of the water that does not fall. Do you dare to put it into practice with your children?

The density is different in each element, a curiosity that we can see by doing an experiment that consists of creating a homemade cocktail of colors with different liquids. The experiments must be carried out with the guidance of an adult.

This home experiment to do with children can serve as a magic trick, since it consists of making a coin invisible with the water. A fun activity that helps to discover one of the curiosities that science hides. They will love it.

One of the experiments with water that fascinates and amuses children the most is to check the skin of the water. And it is very striking that a liquid element such as water can have a layer on its surface known as skin. Find out!

Although we cannot see the water molecules with the naked eye, through this home experiment for children we can observe the movement they make by adding a little coloring. Experiments for children must be done with an adult.

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