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8 suspicious signs that your child is missing school (without telling you)

8 suspicious signs that your child is missing school (without telling you)

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What is it that leads to suspecting a mother or father that their child is absent from school without telling them? Or maybe we should put it another way, what if my child misses class and I don't realize it? If you have a boy or a girl who has almost stopped being one to enter the unknown world of adolescence, perhaps these types of questions have crossed your mind on occasion.

It does not have to be an alarm sign, sometimes there are only one or two days left as an act of rebellion or for doing the same as friends, but it is true that you must be pending to take the appropriate measures. Let's go by parts and start by looking at the possible signs that can make us suspect that our child is skipping classes.

The subject still takes me away, my son will start second grade next year so he still goes to and from school with his parents and inside the school is always with teachers, so it is merely impossible for him to miss the entire day or skip a class without anyone knowing. Now, what is going to happen in a few years when I already go to school alone or have to go from one class to another to change subjects? Surely you are wondering why I start to worry about issues that have not even happened yet.

Let me tell you something, not long ago I had to go out on the street to run some errands in the morning when I came across two teenagers who instead of going to class like everyone else turned around and left school behind them . Is it to attract attention? Perhaps the reason is that what they learn in class does not motivate them at all? The fact is that those 'children' missed class and maybe they did it all day. What signs could your parents notice that would reveal this type of behavior? Let's see them!

1. Get worse grades. If previously approved it now suspends and if it previously suspended now, the rating is even lower.

2. At home he is more irascible, with continuous mood swings and spending more time in his room without wanting to talk to the rest of the family.

3. He does not talk about his day to day in class and when asked, he evasively answers.

4. It contradicts itself when make excuses if you are late from school.

5. Refuses to tell you if the teacher has given him a note to talk to the parents.

6. He says that in class everything is going well but does not give more details.

7. Your relationship with your old friends has changed. It may even be related to other colleagues.

8. Is offended if asked directly if he has missed his classes.

Let's now look at the resources we have as parents to solve this type of situation. To avoid this happening, you should always try to create a climate of trust so that your child tells you about the things that happen to him. You must work this from childhood. But, you must also take these keys into account.

1. Talk to your child and set the necessary limits
It is logical to think that if your child is absent from class it is because he does not feel comfortable at school, but it is also logical to believe that he is playing truant by following the flow of his friends. So, since he probably doesn't want to give you any explanation, you debate whether to speak calmly to him or go straight to scolding.

What if by scolding him I lose his confidence? Nothing is further from reality. It is important that you have your space to talk about what happens and see how it can be solved, but it is also essential that you set limits as you have done since you were little.

2. Time to meet with the teachers
It is one thing to miss a day or be late for staying at the door talking to colleagues, than to do it several times a week. In this case, it is necessary to arrange a meeting with the teacher or the director to discuss the matter. He thinks that if he continues in this line he could end up losing the course and, without a doubt, his school performance will decrease.

3. Seek professional help if necessary
If the first two resources do not give the result you expect, it is worth consulting with a psychologist or pedagogue. Both are specialists trained to handle sensitive matters like this. Talk to him about how you can act and invite your child to have a chat too. It will be the first step to change your behavior.

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