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The story of my first kiss to my baby, a whisper from the heart

The story of my first kiss to my baby, a whisper from the heart

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Today we all parents know that educating our little ones with the rod of authority does not help to have happy and safe children. Phrases like 'you do it, period' or 'because I said so' are already past. The present is about kisses and caresses. And it is that it is demonstrated that the affection defect does create anomalies in the education and happiness of the little ones, deficiencies that will drag until their adult life. Conversely, excess affection has no contraindications by any authority or Ministry of Happiness.

Therefore, today we want to talk about kisses, the maximum expression of tenderness and affection. A symbol of love and expression of affection. Octavio Paz wrote that "a world is born when two kiss." And that's what happened. A new life started when I gave my baby the first kiss. But, let us start at the beginning.

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, a thousand questions and doubts assailed me. And always a constant: what if we don't know how to recognize ourselves, will I know how to love her? I didn't know it yet, but in our first kiss was the answer. And it is that kisses are direct whispers to the heart.

Nine months of happiness, but also fear, ended with a long and painful labor. Hours and hours of waiting. However, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and without really knowing how it happened, in an instant my baby was already in my arms. They started skin to skin. The protective instinct invaded me suddenly. I started counting fingers, discovering folds, smelling that rosy skin ... Come on, a full-fledged medical examination to silence my fears that something might happen to my little girl. I guess all of this didn't take more than a few seconds, but I remember it very vividly.

And once I knew and contrasted that my baby was fine and healthy my emotions flooded me. My eyes flooded as a smile was tattooed for life on my face. It was time for introductions. With a broken voice I said: 'I'm mom.' And she answered me with little moans. We already had our language created. And we understood each other. I caressed her with my awkward, trembling fingers. Softness and warmth is what I perceived.

The great moment arrived. I kissed his chubby cheek. Uffff. There are no words. Only the soul spoke. And it is that, in a kiss everything is said that we keep silent. Now and I hope always, my skin crawls when I remember it. That kiss was well worth all the anguish, all the pain, all the struggle and all the waiting. From that moment he already knew how to love her.

Sometimes I think I have dreamed it, but my interior that says it is as true as the sun rises every day in the east. She, for the first time, opened her eyes in that instant. She recognized me as a mother and I recognized her as a daughter. At that moment the bond was born, the union that I will continue to nurture so that it never breaks or breaks. His sorrows and joys were mine from that first kiss.

Little more than four years have passed since that moment and there has not been a day that I have not eaten my little girl with kisses. We give each other Eskimo, cow, butterfly kisses ... any game ends in a kiss and a hug. And in each kiss there is always an emotional nuance of the first one.

Now my favorites are good night. After the story, on his bed full of stuffed animals the cuddles arrive. And just when he closes his eyes and snuggles up I stamp him the most tender and last kiss of the day. And it is that, the kiss to a son (well, and in any of its manifestations) should be declared Intangible Asset of Humanity.

Do you dare to remember the first kiss you gave your baby?

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