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Lunar pregnancy calendar 2020 to know if your baby is a boy or a girl

Lunar pregnancy calendar 2020 to know if your baby is a boy or a girl

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Women have been using the moon phases for hundreds of years to learn more about their pregnancy. It is usually used to predict your due date, but it can also give you other details about your pregnancy. For example, with this calculator you can know when you are most likely to have a boy or a girl. Therefore, below we will talk a little more about the lunar pregnancy calendar 2020.

In ancient times, the lunar calendar was the quintessential 'app' for controlling pregnancy. Even today, especially in eastern cultures, there are women and families who apply this lunar calendar method to carry your pregnancy and predict the fortune of your delivery. Due to the belief that it is the most natural method of all and for them, one that never fails.

This is the ancient eastern way of calculating the months of the year, so that a lunar phase, that is, the lunation, is understood by two moments of time where the lunar phase or the movements of the moon, is at exactly the same point . Thus, the days elapsed between the lunation is what is known as the lunar month.

For example, for the Chinese, the lunar month was when the first new moon appeared in the sky, for other cultures it is when the new moon appears, in others the waxing or waning moon.

For ancient people, this not only served to establish the dates of the year, but to avoid illness, disease or to ensure cure of any of these. As well as to determine natural changes in nature, such as the tides or the fertility of the land to cultivate and care for crops.

This belief arises in Eastern culture, where people used lunar cycles to predict the regularities of nature, the female menstrual calendar being one of them. So that, depending on the moon phase in which conception occurred You can determine the time of delivery and even the sex of the baby.

The lunar calendar of pregnancy has its original roots in Hindu culture, in which, for them, ovulation during a specific moon phase is decisive to have a better chance of conceiving a boy or a girl. In this sense, the baby's sex prediction lunar calendar would be like this:

- When ovulation occurs during a full moon, it is highly likely to conceive a girl.

- To conceive a boy, ovulation must occur during the lunar phase of the new moon.

- While the phases of the waning and waxing moon. Also known as transitional phases. They are a little less accurate. But, it is said that boys gestate during the waning moon and girls during ovulation on the waxing moon.

As an extra help to know if you have a boy or a girl inside you or to calculate when you should get pregnant to determine the sex of the baby, you can use our calculators. On the one hand, the calculator to get a boy will tell you when you should have sex to have a better chance of it being a boy. On the other hand, we also have a calculator to have a girl that will also tell you of the window of days in which you are most likely to have a little girl.

As I mentioned before, the lunar calendar of pregnancy was (and still is) used to know the most likely dates of female delivery. This was known to midwives in ancient times to prepare future mothers. How did they predict it?

- New Moon
In the phases of the new moon, deliveries used to be easier and there were no complications. The help of many experts was not required, because expulsions are quicker and more natural.

- Full moon
In the phases of the full moon, births are surprising, that is, the delivery dates are early or tend to be premature. Because women do not have the cervix fully developed during this, so they are slower and somewhat complaining. Interestingly, during the full moon phase, it is when births occur most.

- Crescent moon
While the crescent moon phase is the one that women most want for their deliveries, since it is said that during this phase the deliveries are perfect, without complications, without pain, practically all the expectations of the mother are met.

- Waning moon
During the waning moon phase, deliveries are also usually slow and difficult, there are more complications to expel the placentas, so caesarean sections or major medical interventions are more frequent during this moon phase.

In We also have a calculator to know when your delivery is going to be. Don't hesitate to use it!

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