The sweet story of the smallest baby in the world told by his mother

The sweet story of the smallest baby in the world told by his mother

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The nine months of pregnancy are long and heavy for the woman, and it is that the desire to hold the baby in her arms means that, for days or weeks, the clock hands take longer to advance. Although the desire to put a face on your little one at the end is immense, nobody wants a premature labor and less in the 23rd week of gestation, when the chances of survival for the little one are, according to experts, slim. Fortunately, the statistics are wrong and, therefore, we want to share with you the sweet story of the smallest baby in the world.

He was born in December and weighed only 245 grams, he was like an apple! His mother remembers this moment with real terror. 'I was in week 23 and 3 days of pregnancy and I started to feel bad. I thought they were typical complaints of my condition and we went to the hospital. There they told me that I had preeclampsia and that the baby had to be born now. I was really scared! ", Says this mother who has decided to remain anonymous.

While she was having her little girl, the doctors told the father that the newborn would not survive for more than an hour and that they could spend that time with the little girl. But those 60 minutes turned into days, and those days into weeks and months. "It was small and fragile, and it could fit in the palm of anyone's hands," explain its parents.

They were very hard days because, Saybie, the name with which the nurses baptized her, was so small that she could hardly be seen well in the crib, but everyone encouraged, pampered and cared for her. On her glass crib there were signs that said 'Tiny, but powerful', and as the doctors say, this little girl has something special. "He is incredibly strong and sure that in life he will be able to do whatever he sets his mind to." In fact, he has already achieved an achievement: become the smallest baby in the world, although she or her mother did not seek it or want it.

The girl faces enormous challenges as a premature baby who was born before the 28th week of gestation, such as vision and hearing problems, developmental problems and many other complications. Many don't survive the first year, but Saybie has beaten the odds so far. How did you overcome them? A mix of correct genetics and good luck, hospital staff said, but some also believe a more inexplicable factor was at play. She is a miracle, that's for sure

"They have been months of great anguish, but I look back and remember it as a wonderful experience," explains the mother. And is that now, finally, five months later, this survivor has graduated from the intensive care unit of a San Diego hospital and to the joy of his parents he is finally home.

At the hospital, the entire team, from nurses, doctors, orderlies, security, cleaning or reception staff, are happy that everything went well, but the involvement with this little girl and her parents during this time has been such that they can't help crying when they see her drive away in the car her father drives. While his mother can only exclaim, 'He is the smallest baby in the world, but he is my baby'.

Saybie's premature birth came about because her mother suffered preeclampsia, a serious condition that causes increased blood pressure in women and usually occurs around the fifth month of pregnancy, that is, the 20th week of gestation.

It is a situation that can endanger both the life of the baby and the mother and that requires doctors to intervene almost immediately and cause the woman to deliver.

There is no cause that determines that the woman suffers from this condition, but it is more common in first-time pregnancies and in women from 40 years of age or adolescents and, it is believed, that there could also be a genetic factor behind it (ask your mother or sisters if they had pre-eclampsia during their pregnancy).

The symptoms, in many cases, are not appreciable (general discomfort), although a few signs can be established that can alert us that something is not going well, such as kidney problems (less urine production), severe headaches, swelling of limbs, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting ...

If you have any doubts, it is best to go to the gynecologist or go to the emergency room to the hospital and there they will evaluate if they can lower your blood pressure or if delivery is imminent to save your life and that of your little one. Trust the healthcare professionals, they will know how to act in this situation!

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