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39 Tuki names for girls that should be banned in Venezuela

39 Tuki names for girls that should be banned in Venezuela

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In Venezuela, the trend of names for girls is divided between honoring the Marian tradition, with combinations of names for Mary, choosing names inspired by flowers or other traditions and a combination of other names to create an original name. However, the urban tuki trend has also been a negative influence when choosing an attractive name for a baby. At first it seemed to be limited only to Venezuelan children's names, but we are increasingly surprised by tukis names for girls.

Sometimes they give rise to such strange names that sometimes I think that maybe they should be banned in Venezuela ... What do you think?

The term tuki refers to people, usually from popular places in Venezuela, which for about a decade have focused on having an extravagant urban look, falling a bit into the criminal stereotype (big gnawed pants, brightly colored T-shirts, hats and rare sports shoes). While, apparently, women were forced to adapt their style with this trend to look attractive to these tukis men. Wearing provocative clothing, short and bright colors.

Both are characterized by having a lexicon and a vulgar grammar and the invention of new synonyms for words, a penchant for the musical genre of reggaetón and the use of pirated products to simulate important brands. But the most remarkable and negative aspect of these people is their tendency to aggressiveness and criminal behavior.

The tuki culture also influences when choosing the name, becoming a great source of inspiration for some families.

As I was saying, the lack of popularity of the tuki culture does not stop some women in Venezuela who are inspired by them to come up with an original name for their daughters. The result is complicated, without visual or auditory appeal and without any meaning. Below I have collected some of the tukis names for girls that have caught my attention the most:

  1. Yubirixaida
  2. Yubitzayda
  3. Yuleisi
  4. Yolimar
  5. Yamilet / Jamilé
  6. Julysmar / Yulismar
  7. Yubiri
  8. Willmar
  9. Bitzaida / Brizayda
  10. Mileici
  11. Yoraida
  12. Yasmida
  13. Horyali
  14. Yubididsay
  15. Yereyda

Did you know that there are also Tuki names for girls that have a foreign origin? You are right! And in most cases we speak of names that come from the Anglo-Saxon culture. They will never cease to amaze us ... These are some of them:

  1. Kimberlin. Indeed, it is a version of the name Kimberly.
  2. Kardashan. Although it seems surprising, it is used as a middle name in tribute to Kim Kardashian and the rest of her sisters.
  3. Joldi. It comes from Jordi, which is the Catalan version of Jorge.
  4. Usnaivy. This surprising tuki name is inspired by US Navy.
  5. Mariyah. Mariah Carey fan parents will not hesitate to use it for their daughters.
  6. Britny. And this is the name for the daughters of Britney Spears fans.
  7. Saralin / Zaraly. Versions both of the names Sara and Zara.
  8. Deisi / Deici. Among the names of flowers, we can not forget this Daisy (Margarita).
  9. Yedoska. Apparently Russian-inspired.
  10. Yoixi. It comes from Roxi, a very curious name too.
  11. Yesaidú. This name is very curious, because it comes from 'Yes, i do'.
  12. Rosleidy. It comes from Rose and Lady.
  13. Leidy / Leidi. Lady is the origin of this name.

Sometimes Tuki names also come out after combining different simple names, often the e of the parents. It is common that some letter is varied so that the result is even more original. These are some examples that, without a doubt, will surprise you.

  1. Anyerso
  2. Anysmai
  3. Yolevaidani
  4. Marielernis
  5. Yesenia
  6. Yadzelys
  7. Solexys
  8. Yitzaidy
  9. Yubiribetzaida
  10. Yudernis
  11. Neleixys

Definitely, a list of names, which although they are the most original that you can find in Venezuela, are names that most city mothers try to avoid, due to the aggressive and vulgar connotation of the tuki tendency. Do you agree? Would you give any of them to your children?

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