Fun science experiments for kids

Fun science experiments for kids

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Science can be educational as well as very fun. In fact, the best way to awaken children's interest in science is to approach it through simple and entertaining experiments that they themselves can do.

The scientific activities They are a great tool to awaken curiosity and motivate children of all ages to become more interested in science.

Guainfantil.com has selected a series of experiments that you can do with children. They will play, have fun and learn a lot. Here they are!

From how to make salt paste or flubber to play figure molding and experiment with different textures and colors ... to how to make your own homemade atmospheric thermometer. Here you will find all kinds of fun, very simple and educational experiments for children.

Liquid rainbow. Learn how to make a liquid rainbow with your kids. An ideal experiment for children from 6 years old. How to make a rainbow with children. Fun experiment for kids.

How to make flubber or sensory dough. Learn how to make sensory dough, flubber, or gorilla mucus. This is a fun and very simple experiment that children can participate in. Discover the benefits of sensory mass.

How to make a lava lamp. We explain how to make a relaxing lava lamp with your children. It is a very simple and easy experiment that you can do with children, at home. A fun way to bring science to children. Enjoy doing home experiments with children.

Colored snow. On our site we tell you how to create colored snow in 5 easy steps. Learn, play and have fun with this homemade experiment that you cannot stop trying. You dare?

A cloud in a bottle. We teach you how to create a cloud in a bottle. Without a doubt, a simple and fun science experiment to do with children. Bring science to your child in a fun way thanks to very simple experiments like this one, with which you can teach your child how a cloud is formed.

Home volcano. We teach you how to make a homemade volcano that erupts. With this video tutorial on our site you will be able to develop this fun science experiment with which your children can learn scientific principles and how certain elements react when we mix them. it's very easy and funny!

How to inflate a balloon without air. We show you an experiment that you can do with your children. It is about inflating a balloon without using air. How? Do not miss the step by step of the experiment.

How to make salt paste. We teach you how to make salt paste to model with it as if it were plasticine. It is very easy to do, so much so that your children can do it. Here you have a video tutorial where we explain how it is done.

How to make 'surprise' glycerin soap. How to make a surprise glycerin soap to encourage children to wash their hands. Practical and fun craft for children.

How to make a homemade thermometer. We teach you how to make a homemade atmospheric thermometer with children, in a simple and fun way. Bring science closer to children in a fun way with these types of crafts.

How to make a rainbow cocktail. Experiments with water. Activities to do children. Fun science. How to make a rainbow cocktail. Experiments for children. Learn to experiment with water.

Baking tree experiment. We present an experiment with a baking soda Christmas tree to surprise your child and show him that science can be a lot of fun.

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