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Gluten-free recipes for celiac children

Gluten-free recipes for celiac children

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Gluten intolerance can manifest itself in children after five or six months of life, when foods such as purees and porridges begin to be included in their diet, which may contain this protein.

Gluten, a substance that especially wheat foods contain, is not processed as it should in the child's small intestine, causing progressive inflammation with alteration of the architecture of the intestinal wall and loss of surface absorption of nutrients from the diet.

To avoid problems in the development of celiac children, who suffer from this food allergy at a rate five times higher than adults, it is important to monitor their diet and create a gluten-free diet adapted to their specific needs. However, this does not mean that your diet will be unbalanced or lacking in food.

There are many alternatives to be able to enjoy the traditional dishes by introducing small modifications, so our children can enjoy taking from some croquettes to having a delicious Roscón de Reyes at Christmas without having to deny it.

To make it easier for parents to organize the diet of a celiac child, in GuíaInfantil.com We offer you a selection of recipes specially designed for them, with simple gluten-free recipes and with the traditional flavor that they like the most.

Recipes of first courses for celiac children

Gluten-free tuna dumplings. Tuna dumplings recipe for celiac children. For celiac children you can make these gluten-free tuna dumplings, a simple meal for any occasion.

Gluten-free ham croquettes. With these gluten-free ham croquettes you can surprise children with celiac disease or those with gluten intolerance. Learn how to make it for your child so that he can safely enjoy one of the most popular recipes among the little ones in the house. Follow our recipe.

Gluten-free cod fritters. Gluten-free cod fritters recipe for the dinner of celiac children. our site offers us a good alternative for children to taste fish, in a rich and exquisite way.

Rice soup with carrot. Homemade rice soup with carrot and chicken recipe. Stomach diseases make children's diets have very little variety. To help them recover, we have prepared this rice soup with carrots, following a very easy homemade recipe.

Cream of zucchini. How to make this zucchini cream recipe, with many vitamins. our site offers us a recipe for a simple, light and very healthy dinner, ideal for children and pregnant women. Easy zucchini cream recipe for kids.

Fish soup. Fish soup is one of the most typical examples of traditional gastronomy. A grandmother's recipe that is ideal for children's dinner. Easy Fish and Vegetable Soup Recipe for Kids

Recipes for second courses for celiac children

Gluten-free multi-color risotto. If you are looking for a different recipe, tasty, healthy and perfect for children with gluten intolerance, try cooking this delicious multicolored risotto. Risottos are traditional stews of Italian cuisine and there is an infinite variety of risottos, all of them delicious.

Gluten-free pumpkin gnocchi recipe. Gnocchi are a delicacy that comes from Italian gastronomy. They are usually made with potatoes and can be accompanied by cheese, tomato or vegetables. However, on our site we present you a variety of typical gnocchi made with pumpkin.

Quinoa balls with carrot sauce. Quinoa is a very typical companion in Latin America, but this recipe is originally from Slovakia. In the typical Slovak dishes one can also find a piece of meat along with the sauce and the balls

Gluten-free baked chicken nuggets. Chicken is very common in children's menus, we can present it for them with this recipe for children of baked chicken nuggets without gluten or flour.

Gluten free meatballs. Gluten-free meatball recipe. Children with an eating disorder such as celiac disease can also eat meatballs. We offer you a recipe for healthy and balanced gluten-free aromatic meatballs.

Gluten-free vegetarian pizza. Children with food allergies can also enjoy some of the most popular children's dishes, with children's recipes like gluten-free vegetarian pizza.

Gluten-free dessert recipes for celiac children

Gluten free donuts. Donuts for celiac children. Donuts are a classic sweet for breakfast and children's snacks. Learn how to prepare this recipe for gluten-free donuts for celiac children so that your children can also try them. We teach you the step by step of an easy and quick recipe to make. You can do it with your children.

Gluten-free apple pie. If your child is celiac, don't worry, he can also enjoy this traditional gluten-free apple pie. our site offers you the recipe for a perfect dessert for the whole family. Easy and quick recipe to make for children.

Gluten-free torrijas. Gluten-free French toast recipes. Torrijas are a traditional sweet typical of Spain, which is usually eaten during Holy Week. If your child suffers from gluten intolerance, now you can have this delicious dessert with this recipe for gluten-free torrijas

Gluten-free coconut and chocolate bars. How to make bars filled with nuts, coconut and chocolate. It is an ideal recipe for children since it is free of sugars, does not contain gluten and does not contain dairy.

Gluten-free churros. We have prepared some churros specially designed for children with celiac disease or those with gluten intolerance. Children will fully enjoy this traditional sweet, at breakfast or as a snack. Learn how to make this delicious recipe for traditional gluten-free churros for celiac children.

Gluten free brownies. Vegan brownie recipe for children Gluten-free brownie recipe for celiac children. Easy gluten free brownie recipe. Vegan brownie recipe for kids. Chocolate recipes for celiac children. Vegan desserts for children.

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