17 tips to make your baby's crib a safe place

17 tips to make your baby's crib a safe place

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When they give us the news of the arrival of a baby, thousands of things go through our minds and preparations begin for when it is born and arrives home. One of the places that, as parents, we must pay special attention is the crib, because there our baby will spend as much time as possible, at least during his first year of day. What Guidelines Make Baby's Crib Safe? I tell you!

For us parents, the safety and well-being of our children is extremely important, so we must take a series of measures so that the child rest in a safe place and away from possible accidents. Here I give you a series of tips to avoid putting the health and even the life of the baby in the crib at risk.

1. The first thing is to know that the safest position for the baby to sleep it is face up, thus avoiding sudden death syndrome.

2. The crib, whether new or inherited, must be in very good condition. It must be firm, that is, it does not move easily with the baby's movements.

3. In general, as the cribs are made of wood, they must be smooth, without embedded or glued figures.

4. Check that there are no chips or nails or screws that protrude, where the baby or even oneself, can get caught or hurt.

5. The separation of the bars of the same should not have a distance greater than 6 centimeters (2 and 38 inches) to avoid that you can put your head between them.

6. It must have a minimum height, from the base of the mattress, to the top of the bars, of approximately 60 centimeters to prevent the baby from falling.

7. In turn, it must have 2 adjustable heights to lower the mattress, when the child stands up.

8. The protectors that are placed glued to the bars to protect them from blows must be well attached to them, but without excess strips or ties. The child can become entangled and very dangerous.

9. The mattress must be well adjusted to the crib, firm, without leaving important spaces anywhere, preventing our offspring from being able to put any part of their body through those spaces. A separation of no more than 2 centimeters is recommended.

10. The mattress must be flat, that is, it does not sink.

11.- The crib must not have protruding corners, where the baby can get caught, or sharp corners.

12. EVita to use soft and / or padded crib clothes, like quilts, where the baby can sink and cause suffocation.

13. Another gesture that can be dangerous is to put pillows and more if they are small, since the child can move them, put them on his face and also cause suffocation.

14. There should be no stuffed animals in the crib or other toys, especially if they are made of hard or compact material, to avoid shock or allergic reactions or suffocation.

15. The mobiles that are placed in the baby's cribs can be dangerous if they are at the height of the little one and, also, because they are not well held and can fall on him.

16. If a mosquito net is used, it must be securely attached to the ceiling or to the crib itself, and not fall on the baby or inside it.

17. The crib should be located away from windows, furniture, tables, lamps, curtains or any object that the baby can use to get out or can cause accidents that threaten the baby's life.

Everything that is done for the safety of our children, there is nothing else, since there is nothing more important for us parents than our children grow up healthy and happy.

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