12 short dictations for children about nature and the environment

12 short dictations for children about nature and the environment

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Just do an exercise in short dictations like the ones we propose here about nature It has many advantages for children: it helps them improve their spelling, grammar and concentration, it allows them to have a correct spelling and to know the correct use of grammar rules and it also helps them to let their imagination run wild. How about this time we show you some exercises thematic lectures on nature and the environment? They are very useful resources for both parents and teachers. Let's see them!

We will start this section of dictation exercises dealing with nature and the environment for first and second cycle primary school students with some famous short poems. We will continue with a few famous phrases and we will end up seeing some texts that I myself have written to do at home with my son after class. For the first two sections, can be used to talk about the lives of the authors to which the texts belong. In this way, we allow children to know something about themselves.

On the other hand, you will see that there are long poems and short phrases, you can always shorten some and group others so that the dictation has the length we want. Remember that the dictations should be short for children in first and second grade and a little longer after that year, but never too long as they would end up rejecting the task.

Did we finish the thematic dictation exercise with a nice drawing from behind? Children are sure to make real works of art!

We start with three famous poems that talk about nature and the environment. Start with the one you want and read it slowly so that the children can write it well. Do not forget to correct the exercise in front of them so that they can solve all their doubts.

1. 'El nido', by Alfredo Espino

It is because a mountain bird has done,

that the tree dawns with music in the chest,

as if he had a musical heart.

If the sweet little bird appears through the hole,

to drink dew, to drink aroma,

the tree of the sierra gives me the feeling

that his heart has come out, singing.

2. 'To a dry elm', by Antonio Machado

and in its rotten half,

with the April rains and the May sun,

some green leaves have come out.

The centennial elm on the hill

that licks the Duero! A yellowish moss

stains the whitish bark

to the rotten and dusty trunk.

It will not be, like the singing poplars

that guard the road and the shore,

inhabited by brown nightingales.

Army of ants in a row

is climbing up it, and in its entrails

spiders sink their gray webs.

3. 'Poetry and Nature', by Kathleen Raine

To put in writing everything that I contain at this moment

I'd empty the desert through an hourglass

the sea through an hourglass,

drop by drop and grain by grain

to the impenetrable, immeasurable seas and mutable sands released.

Cause the days and nights of the earth crumble on me
the tides and the sands run through me,
and I only have two hands and one heart to hold the desert
and to the sea.

If it escapes and eludes me, what can I contain?

The tides carry me away

the desert slides under my feet.

Surely you have already realized that children love thematic dictations, especially if they talk about something that they are excited about, such as nature. The short phrases from known authors here we leave you sure that they will be to your liking. As we told you before, you can dictate one each time or join several if you see that they fall a little short.

4. 'Keep your love towards nature, because it is the true way of understanding art more and more.' Vincent van Gogh.

5. 'The fact that we are so comfortable in the middle of nature comes from the fact that it has no opinion about us.' Friedrich Nietzsche.

6. 'We can defy human laws, but we cannot resist natural ones.' Julio Verne.

7. 'Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better. ' Albert Einstein.

8. 'The lands belong to their owners, but the landscape belongs to those who know how to appreciate it.' Upton Sinclair.

9. 'Cauliflower is nothing more than cabbage that has been through college.' Mark Twain.

These exercises are intended to review what was seen in class. With the first of them we will review the use of hyphens within a text; with the second we will see the use of questions and exclamations and the third and last will help us to retake the lesson of the use of the 'y', the 'g' and the 'j'.

10. -The sea He is calm.- Pablo said.

-Don't trust yourself, the calmer he seems to be the more angry he can get.- his father answers him.

"I think the sea can never be rough." Pablo continues.

-Why do you say that? - Asks his father with a surprised face.

-Well, because many live there animals they should be calm.- Pablo affirms.

It was just at that moment that the clouds made an appearance, the wind began to blow and blow and the waves began a dance that seemed to have no end.

11. The thunder rings, the storm. Spooky! Although well thought out, why should I be afraid? Isn't it true that they say that after the storm calm always comes? Sure you do ... I don't want to be like the Rodriguez mouse who always gets scared when four drops of water fall.

12. In the city where I live there are many parks, green areas to play and a river that crosses just in front of my house. Every morning, when I leave the house to go to school, I give the ducks breakfast, I look at the clouds to see what they are like and I pick up a few stones to later make a tower. Have I already told you that wild animals also live in my city? Do not belive that! It is a joke!

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