The Fortnite video game teaches math to children (even if it doesn't seem like it)

The Fortnite video game teaches math to children (even if it doesn't seem like it)

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Fornite has remained in the minds of our young people. We educators and parents do not know what to do to guide them. Well, a great way to take advantage of this phenomenon is to generate learning from this video game. Did you know Fortnite can teach math to kids and reinforce the knowledge already acquired? We tell you how.

Some time ago, in my philosophy studies, someone very wise told me that instead of focusing on reinforcing your truths you should make an effort to read those who think contrary to you. That is, if I am one of those who liked communism, my first reading would be Adam Smith and all those who speak and defend capitalism.

On the contrary, if I were an atheist, I should be reading all the philosophical works of Saint Augustine or the Encyclicals of the popes. That is to say, to understand the enemy it is better to read it and understand it in her mindset rather than confront him.

I think about this when I see this gaming phenomenon known as Fornite. For those who do not know it, it is an addictive online shooting game in which, in its different modalities, it is about designing survival strategies to survive the shots of the opponents.

I have been told that in Spain there has been a boom that has challenged all trainers. Why say in Chile, my country. Since last year the attempt to regulate its use and try to explain the difficulties it can cause in its formation has been a shock.

What if we are making a mistake? That is Instead of showing their evils, we propose to give them a positive meaning. Because if we focus on highlighting the negative, the young person will tend to insist on continuing to play the happy game. So I would like to think about how to take advantage of this fury to link it to a subject and thus enhance its study.

For this case, I really liked a blog by David –or better known as Ekuatio- who in his blog explains how to make this dialogue possible between a purely school subject (mathematics) and the game of the moment. I would like to express some of their proposals:

1. The best way to land in the game
Each Fortnite game begins with all players flying over the battlefield. Where you land, as well as how fast you land, is vital to starting the game better positioned than your opponents. Well, to get to the best point, players can do some simple math. Is the straight line the best way to get there faster?

In this case, the blogger proposes a game between what is the best angle of approach if you want to land first in Tilted Towers, because you can evaluate taking into account the mechanics of the game, such as slip and fall rate.

2. The odds of loot in Fortnite
Fortnite players desperately search for the greatest number of treasures or loot, but these do not always appear. This is where the mathematical competence of probability comes into play. And, the more places you visit at different times, the more likely you are to find good loot.

It's like the Royal Twenty One card game or Poker, where you constantly play and calculate the loot rates, the locations to extract as much information as possible to generate a good strategy.

3. Calculate damage according to weapons
It is already known that in Fornite there are various weapons and different types of levels. As Eukatio says "the most important thing to know about weapons is their damage per second. If you take the damage of a shot from a weapon and multiply it by its rate of fire, you will get the level of the weapons, how much damage can do every second.

Typically, the higher the damage value, the better weapon. If a weapon has a lower figure, it is generally considered a burst weapon, which means that it deals damage in a burst as it fires very slowly. ”Pure math!

4. Calculate the time by displacement of the zones
One of the examples that most caught my attention of this relationship is calculating the time it takes to run to a safe area, knowing that it is played in a square of a certain extension and that it has a map of so many squares and that they are located inside about 50 players.

5. Learn volumes and areas in Fortnite
Imagine practicing areas and volumes, knowing a zone of the game to be 5.12 cubic meters. Think about the scope you will have as a player if you manage to concretize this skill in something so concrete and popular.

As you can see, the gaze and openness of one depend on being able to generate relationships between the world of young people with the subjects. We try so hard to awaken the intellect and we forget that a central element of that is make them touch and vibrate our contents with their own reality. Hopefully this exercise will be done not only with mathematics and Fortnite, but with other types of subjects and video games.

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