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14 blogs of Spanish mothers and influencers that you should know and follow

14 blogs of Spanish mothers and influencers that you should know and follow

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The maternity it has evolved in accordance with today's society. And if before, when I started out in this wonderful adventure, the prepartum and postpartum groups became my best support to assimilate everything that the arrival of a baby involved, now I can find that help on the internet. These are some of the blogs of Spanish mothers and influencers in networks that you must know and follow.

Carmen, Cristina, María or Gabriela are mothers like you and me. They have their doubts, their fears and their worries before the greatest role of their life: being a mother. But they have been brave and have wanted to share with all of us their experiences, some stories that have allowed us to talk about the B side of motherhood with freedom and without taboos. Do you want to meet some of the blogs of Spanish mothers and influencers most outstanding? Tip: have your mobile handy because you will want to follow them all.

1. Baby care and care
This Instagram account, which also has a website, is recommended, above all, to moms with a newborn. And it is that María Algueró, the person behind Baby Care and Care, offers useful advice on baby care: control of the child's head, development and evolution of the same, communication with your offspring ... you lose it!

2. Baby Tribu School
Parenting is a wonderful experience, but sometimes we find ourselves lost. Lee Lima has learned from two great teachers, his daughters, and has created a school based on positive parenting and respectful communication. Follow it if you want to strengthen ties with your children and resolve conflicts without violence within the family.

3. Gabi takes care of you
There are so many doubts about children's health that we parents, first timers or repeaters, invade us that we would love to have an expert at all hours. You can find those doubts or information that you are looking for in Gabi te cares, a pediatric nurse mother of two children: one who came to term and the other prematurely.

4. Educate calmly
Nobody said that the education of children was easy, right? Always looking for the best techniques and the best methods to raise happy children. Educating in calm is a space in which you will find respectful solutions based on dignity and mutual respect, so that you can accompany your children in a conscious and positive way.

5. I'm not a drama mom
Carmen had two passions: writing and her children. So one fine day she decided to join the two and create this corner that, as she defines herself, "aims to make mothers and fathers laugh when they feel identified with the stories I tell. Without being an expert in anything and at the same time in everything when it comes to motherhood, I like to help and give ideas to other mothers or fathers. "

6. A cool mother
Motherhood is cool, right? That is, at least, what the creator of this blog, who has three great children, tries to convey to us. With them, she applies techniques to educate them without screaming, an experience that she wants to share with other moms through her posts!

7. Mom goes to war
Vitality squared! This is the profile of Cristina Inés Gill. His optimistic phrases invade his Instagram, and it is that life wanted cancer to cross his life twice and that he will take his daughter, just one year old. But this woman keeps fighting, for her and for her daughter, she promised!

8. Crafts with my daughters
Personally, I am a super fan of this Instagram account (you can also find it on Facebook) because of the amount of craft ideas it has offered every day for about four years. Cardboard plates, music cds, cheese boxes, gummies ... Here anything is transformed into a creative idea.

9. Maternity Continuum
"Let me accompany you in your maternity, because you are not alone." This is the message that Pilar Martínez, pharmacist, lactation consultant, IBCLC and mother of two girls, sends you from her corner on the internet where she offers advice on breastfeeding: workshops, videos, talks ...

10. Little happiness
Marta Prada, creator of this blog, disseminates through this space what she believes in: the essence of being a child. Through her publications, this blogger gives us the keys to improve the bond with our children in each of the stages of childhood, while we rely on routines and limits to make our children happy.

11. Lapsicomami
Motherhood has a very funny point, although at first, with the nights without sleep and the lack of time to be able to shower alone and with tranquility, it is difficult for us to see it. So that you too can see the adventure of being a mother from another optimal, you have to start reading the post published by Mamén Jimenez, better known in the 2.0 world as Lapsicomami.

12. Tigering
With children, the days can be long, but the years are very short. And based on this idea, Beatriz created this great little "diary" in which she reflects the day to day with her daughters so that when they are older they will have it as a souvenir.

13. Earth in the hands
Each blog has its own style, and this one has something that makes it stand out: it is a blog about free play, unstructured material and loose parts, inspired by games in nature and spaces for children outdoors. And, as Clara, her manager, says, the best way to learn is by getting her hands dirty.

14. And you really have three
Vanessa is a psychologist and mothers of three children, a large family! This blogger opens her heart in each of her posts on networks to tell us what day-to-day life is like with a child with a disability. Through her testimony, she seeks to make this problem visible and instill encouragement in other mothers who are going through the same situation. When she had a diagnosis on the table, she felt disoriented and did not have enough information, so she decided to create her blog. Thanks Vanessa!

Do you follow some of these blogs? Can you suggest any more?

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