Magical strategies to curb tantrums and control anger in children

Magical strategies to curb tantrums and control anger in children

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Controlling children's outbursts of anger and rage can be a very difficult task for many parents. As much as they tell us that we must have patience and a positive attitude towards lack of control of our children's emotionsWhen they are in this situation, it seems super difficult for us to control ourselves to help them control themselves.

However, there are some methods, some truly magical, that have worked well in some families.

Of course there is no magic solution of equal proportion for all parents so that they control the tantrums and the attacks of anger of the children, since it will depend a lot on the character of each child, as well as the level of persistence and patience of the parents. But, if you want to help your children release all the bad energy that takes over them when they don't get what they want, we invite you to try one of these techniques.

Magical pot of calm for children. Magic bottle or pot of calm. At we teach you how to make a bottle for children with emotional problems or to concentrate. It is a great tool for teaching children to manage their emotions.

Corner of calm to control tantrums. The corner of calm -as it is called- is a suitable physical space to promote a state of peace and serenity. Calm Corner to control children's tantrums is a technique based on the Montessori philosophy that respects the child and does not create detachment between parents and children. A way to help you control your emotions.

Magic question to curb children's anger. Take note and take the test: we offer you the magic question to stop a tantrum or a moment of anger in children. Learn to handle a child tantrum or anger. You can do the test with this system, very effective according to many parents. Test if it also works with your child.

The anger box against child tantrums. The anger box or rage box is an excellent tool for teaching children to channel their anger without exploding into a big tantrum. We teach you a technique for children to learn to catch anger and stop it. A game for children to channel their anger.

Homemade exercises to control the anger of children. Anger causes children to act aggressively as they control this emotion less. We give you an exercise to work anger with children and prevent them from having outbursts of anger and anger. Tricks for children to learn to control their emotions. Anger in childhood.

Video on how to teach children to manage anger. We tell you what techniques you can put into practice to teach children to manage anger, an emotion difficult for them to control but a skill they will need to relate to others. Anger management is essential in childhood.

Technique to help children control anger. Managing emotions is not an easy thing for children, especially when it comes to anger or anger. This emotion overwhelms them and they cannot control it in most cases. We show you how you can teach children to control their anger. Managing emotions is essential for children to have a correct emotional development.

The smile machine for positive thinking in children. What is the smile machine to generate positive thinking in children, a great idea from psychologist Celia Rodríguez that manages to generate positivism in children and makes them much happier. Pay attention to the explanation and you will learn to play easily.

8 strategies to cope with a child's tantrum. 8 ways to react to a child tantrum or tantrum. It is easy to detect a tantrum: the child falls to the ground, screams, kicks, hits himself or what he finds around him, hangs on our legs or may even insult. The hard part is helping you control your emotions. We give you some ideas.

The turtle technique to control children's tantrums. We will tell you about the turtle technique, a technique to help the most impulsive and nervous children to control themselves. It is very simple and very useful to achieve self-control.

Everyone, absolutely everyone, parents and children, gets angry at some point. It is normal that when something goes wrong or does not go the way we would like, our emotions are altered and we feel irritated and resentful, right? Well, that also happens to children, especially when they don't accept a no, or when they feel disappointed or limited. What's more, the tantrum is part of the child's development towards autonomy. It is normal for a child to get angry, but he has to learn how to express this anger in a non-aggressive way.

Depending on the child, the manifestations of tantrums or tantrums are very diverse. There are children who scream, throw themselves to the ground, kick, and even those who break or throw things, hit or insult others, be they parents, siblings, teachers or schoolmates. Anger, like anger, tantrums or tantrums, are a negative emotion that we must teach children to control from a young age.

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