A baby suffers irreparable injuries from something we all have at home

A baby suffers irreparable injuries from something we all have at home

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The mobile phone, the car keys, the television remote control ... are you aware of the number of devices with batteries that we have at home? Seemingly harmless and yet so dangerous to our children ...

Emmett's case serves to alert all parents. Any child is in danger. Any parent can suffer from this oversight. We tell you their story so that from now on you exercise caution and remove all these objects from their reach.

Emmett was just a baby. A baby with the curiosity of a child his age. A baby who was beginning to explore a fun and mysterious world. His way of checking the texture, taste and shape of objects was by putting them in his mouth.

His house was 'prepared' for his lightning-fast crawls. The covered switches, the drawers with devices so that he could not catch his hands ... but his parents forgot something that we all have at home and that we leave within their reach without thinking about the damage it can do to them: battery-operated devices.

Emmett's parents had, like everyone else, remote controls, keys, watches, cell phones ... And Emmett it didn't take long to figure out how to open the 'mystery' cover on the DVD remote. He swallowed the battery. And a simple pile changed his life forever.

Emmett suffered burns to his trachea, esophagus and stomach. He has undergone more than thirty interventions. They have had to remove 5 centimeters of esophagus, and his vocal cords were paralyzed.

The little one was about to die. He will have trouble eating for the rest of his life, and at the moment, he cannot speak. So her parents, once they had overcome that first phase of regrets and guilt, have decided to tell their story, so that no more child suffers the same accident as your little one. By the way, they collaborate with a campaign created for the safety of children against batteries. Energizer has started it, and it's called The Battery Controlled.

Lithium button batteries can cause extremely serious burns to the inside of the body, and are very easy for a child to swallow. There is no treatment, but there is prevention. Parents, in this case, are the only ones who can avoid it.

Burns, choking, poisoning, falls, cuts, fractures, and animal bites are just a few of the accidents that occur with children, both at home and away from home. They may or may not need help urgently. But it is necessary that parents know what to do and what not to do in all cases:

1. How we should act in cases of accidents in babies and children:

- Keep calm. If the parents get nervous, that will be happening to the child.

- Reassure and accommodate the injured person. Move it as little as possible.

- Examine the person very carefully.

- Evaluate the consequences of the accident. If you require medical help, feel free to seek it immediately.

- Prevent other injuries from occurring.

2. How we should NOT act in cases of accidents with babies and children:

- Leave the person who suffered the accident alone.

- Change the person of place and position, without need.

- Touch the affected area without protection.

- Ask a lot of questions to the affected person.

- Accommodate the bones in case of fracture.

- Allow bleeding to continue.

- Do not supply any type of medicine or food, or liquids to the affected person.

When a child suffers an accident, it is necessary for parents to act calmly, quickly, and effectively, to prevent the problem from putting their life at risk.

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