How to make a bottle of calm or magic boat for children

How to make a bottle of calm or magic boat for children

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The calm pot or bottle is a great tool to help more nervous children relax. It is also called a peace bottle, and even a magic bottle. It is made from glitter, and its goal is to help children manage their feelings. It works as a therapy for children.

The calm bottle is already used in mindfulness classes, yoga and in some schools. When the child shakes it, observe how the glitter moves uncontrollably, as are his emotions when he is angry or frustrated.


  • 1 glass jar (rather tall) or plastic bottle
  • Glitter of the color you want (better, blue and light tones)
  • Glitter or transparent glue
  • Warm water
  • Food coloring
  • 1 tablespoon and another for dessert
  • Tips: you can use instead of glue, baby oil or glycerin

At that point, the adult can tell you to remember when you feel this way, like that glitter that is flapping hard. When the glitter begins to fall slowly to the bottom, the nervousness passes and the child manages to relax.

Since Guiainfantil.comWe tell you how to prepare your own bottle of calm at home.

1. Pour warm or hot water into the glass jar. If the child is very young, it is better to use a plastic bottle. It will be much safer.

2. Now, add two tablespoons of glitter glue and stir well.

3. It's the turn of the glitter. Pick a color and add three dessert teaspoons full of glitter. Stir.

4. Add a drop of food coloring in the color your child likes the most and stir again.

5. You only have to close the jar with the lid. You already have your bottle of calm! If you prefer, you can follow the video where it is explained step by step how to create your magic bottle.

Video: Miniature Sunset in a Bottle (September 2022).


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