Inescapable Christmas plans with children according to their age

Inescapable Christmas plans with children according to their age

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It smells like Christmas already. The butterflies in the stomach of shopping, looking over and over at the agenda to balance the meetings of friends and family, salivating thinking about sweets, looking for new Christmas recipes with which to entertain our guests ... We have to organize and plan our time to get the most out of it. But, if we really want to enjoy Christmas, the best way is to see it again through the eyes of our little ones.

Therefore, in we propose some Christmas plans with children taking into account their age to have a great time these parties. Thanks to them, we have the opportunity to renew our illusion. And it is that, our children are not only the protagonists of our lives, but they are also the great protagonists of Christmas.

All these plans with children that we suggest go beyond the consumerism typical of these dates. We want to propose a series of plans to do with your children where we can transmit the tradition, our own childhood memories, the magic and the fantasy that these dates mean. They must understand that Christmas is about more than just gifts.

However, parents must remember that not all plans may be appropriate for all children. When planning the Christmas holidays we must take into account the tastes of our children (some like sports, while others prefer to stay at home) and their age (the plans we can make with a baby are not the same as with a 6 year old child).

Here are some very fun ideas to make this Christmas even more magical.

1. Babies from 0 to 2 years old

All parents want to make an effort so that our children's first Christmas is very special. And is that, not because they are babies should they be left out of the Christmas celebrations. While it is true that a series of precautions with newborns must be taken into account, as they grow older they understand that something special is happening at this time.

For example, christmas lights they tend to fascinate the little ones. A walk through the decorated streets keeps our children, no matter how young, in 'Christmas mode'. The colors, the sparkles, the stars, the trees decorated with luminous spheres, the illuminated fountains, etc. they serve to inspire the little ones and turn them into faithful followers of magic and illusion. And it is that, both magic and illusion, when talking about Christmas, are synonymous with happiness.

Beyond this outing to the streets decked out for Christmas, you can also organize intensive days of games at home, you can write a letter from Santa Claus as a family, you can decorate the house ... You are going to have a great time!

2. Children from 2 to 3 years old

Children are more and more aware of the magic of Christmas, which is why they love to experience it every day. Obligatory appointment is to go with the children to the parades or parades that our cities organize to see Their Majesties The Three Wise Men or Santa Claus. Witnessing the excitement, excitement and happiness that makes children when they can greet them is, without a doubt, the best gift parents can receive.

Before this activity, you can all write the letter with the gifts together (the more color and glitter it has, the better the better!) And, incidentally, look for a magic mailbox to let our requests come to the Fantasy World.

3. Children from 4 to 5 years old

For children from 4 to 5 years We propose a visit to a traditional Nativity scene. Through it we can transmit our History, teach them the tradition, which, although year after year reinvents itself and steals concepts from other cultures sometimes even seems to blur, it is important that our little ones know their origin, that they understand where these beautiful parties come from . And what better teachers than their parents to accompany them on this journey?

And for these excursions the best thing is to have some good Christmas carols as a soundtrack. El burrito sabanero, Jingle Bells, Silent Night, Bell over bell, Fish in the river, White Christmas ... Don't forget to play the zambomba and the tambourine as a family! Why don't you prepare a choreography and dedicate it to the whole family at Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas lunch? They will be amazed and you will give them a little more Christmas spirit!

4. Children from 6 years

And, from the age of 6, the possibilities of Christmas plans with children increase. Why don't you propose to spend a cultural Christmas? Exhibitions for children, children's plays, storytelling, family musicals, craft workshops, skating rinks, touring the Christmas markets ... We are in the most magical time of year and the leisure offer for children is tripling. There are so many things to see, so many shows to attend, that it is difficult to organize. The important thing is to enjoy our little ones as long as we can because they are the ones who make our wishes come true.

But there are also many children's games and activities that can be done at home. You can get down to work and decorate the family home yourself. Make crafts with the children (from Christmas cards to decorations for our house), a pillow fight, dress up together ... Very fun shots!

Snow does not come every year. But if this year he accompanies us, we propose a classic plan, which will not for that reason be less fun. And the thing is, the park in our neighborhood can also be a Christmas star. We can spend an afternoon parents and children making a snowman and a ball fight. Beware of colds! And to finish without cold, we can enjoy a warm drink accompanied by the wide variety of Christmas sweets.

What is your plan for this Christmas?

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