The best Christmas markets in Colombia to visit with children

The best Christmas markets in Colombia to visit with children

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The Christmas Colombia is characterized, above all, because its streets become magical places with its impressive Christmas lights, its candlelight night or the famous novenas in which families gather to recite the Christmas gift. We highlight some of the best Christmas markets in Colombia to visit with children.

The Christmas It is an ideal time to spend with the family in a fun and original way. In all cities there are a lot of plans, proposals and activities to do together, but there is one that, especially, adults and children like: visit the Christmas markets. We travel to Colombia to discover the most important of the country, are you coming?

Santa Market
Located in Parque 93, in Bogotá, it is a fair inspired by the authentic Christmas Markets Germans. Here the decoration of these markets is recreated with their typical houses and hundreds of activities are organized to promote the Christmas spirit of visitors who decide to stop by.

In this market you can buy gifts and decorations for the house in a fully unique Christmas atmosphere and taste, as a family, the typical gastronomy of these dates. And, something that can not be missing in any christmas market and less in the one of Santa Market: the presence of Santa Claus, to whom the children will be able to give their letters in hand.

Spectacular views from Mount Monserrate
Another perfect plan if you are in the capital of Colombia is to take a funicular to go up to the Monserrate Hill. You can walk along the path, but as long as it is done with suitable footwear, comfortable clothing and sun protection. From there, at nightfall, you can enjoy the Christmas lights with stunning views. And a surprise, there is a fireworks display. Tip: wear warm clothes, because you may be a bit cold.

El Rastrillo Fair
In the north of Bogotá there is a place where we can transmit to our children the feeling of solidarity: the El Rastrillo Fair, in the Museo del Chicó, which has been raising funds for children's associations for more than 20 years. All the Christmas gifts and the food that we consume there will go to solidarity causes.

Noel cookie show
The Noel Cookie Company has every year Santa Claus to prepare its magical show, which has already become an essential appointment for the inhabitants of Medellín and a must for tourists who spend a few days in the city. Children will be able to visit Santa's cookie factory and meet his elves, as well as see the choreographies and jumps that actors, dancers and acrobats have prepared.

Day of the candles
On December 7 is the day of "the candles", and normally in the Plaza de Eventos (Parque Simón Bolívar, Bogotá), fireworks shows are organized. It is one of the most traditional Colombian festivities and people go out to place hundreds of candles at the doors of their home and thus guide the path of the Virgin. The city takes on a spectacular charm!

Rio City Christmas Festival
This festival, which is located in the south of Medellín, in the lot located in front of the Museum of Modern Art, has in its program Christmas music, literary workshops, crafts, face painting and, of course, the traditional novenas. Without a doubt, a place that children will not want to leave. Open until almost midnight, the festival closes every day with party music. A delight for the ears!

The Plaza de la Luz
In the Plaza de la Luz, the old Plaza de Cisneros in Medellín, a Christmas market with an impressive set of lights. In this proposal you can buy traditional indigenous textiles, jewelry, rag dolls, natural cosmetics and organic products. A Christmas market that has nothing to envy those in Brussels, Vienna or Budapest.

Marina Park
In the walled city of Cartagena de Indias, the Christmas it is lived in a special way. Its most emblematic streets and monuments are dressed up to receive the hundreds and hundreds of visitors who choose this city to spend Christmas and the New Year. And it is tradition to gather around the Parque de la Marina with the family, each one bringing their food, their chairs and their table, to wait for 00.00 at night to arrive announcing the arrival of the New Year. A recommendation, come early because sites are scarce.

Another option is to set up your dinner on the Muelle de los Pegasos. From this place you will also be able to perfectly contemplate the fireworks show that heralds twelve months full of health and happiness for all.

Lots of plans to enjoy the Christmas with children in Colombia! Which one do you prefer?

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