Christmas story. Illustrated story for children

Christmas story. Illustrated story for children

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Christmas tales and fables

Traposo Bear tells us the traditional Christmas Carol with illustrations


Our story begins some Christmas and our protagonist is Ebenezer Scroog, a lonely and very unfriendly man. He lived alone and nothing seemed to please him. He hated Christmas, said they were 'bullshit'.

One day during the Christmas holidays, Scrooge went as usual to his office. There was his clerk, a smiling and very kind man who invited him to spend Christmas Eve with his family, despite being very poor. Scrooge rejected him and also forced him to work on Christmas Day.

That same night, Ebenezer Scrooge lay down on his big bed, but after a while the ghost of his old partner appeared and told him that 3 spirits were coming to visit him. Despite the initial shock, he ignored her and went back to bed.

Scrooge was sleeping in his bed when something woke him up, when he opened his eyes he saw a ghost who asked him to accompany him. Surprised and curious, he agreed to follow him and showed him images from his childhood, when he was just an apprentice. He also saw his sister, whom he loved very much.

The following night, another ghost appeared again, this time that of the present Christmas. The spirit showed him pictures of his clerk's house. There he saw his family and little Tim, a sick child. They were poor and yet they looked happy.

On the last night, Scrooge was waiting for his ghost. He did not speak at any time, he only showed him an image that shocked the old miser. He saw his clerk, dejected by the death of little Tim. In the distance a group of people commented that another person had also died. They did not speak well of him and sold his possessions. Suddenly he saw a tombstone ... it was his!

The next morning Ebenezer Scrooge woke up with joy and energy. He dressed in his best clothes, went out and was kind to people. He went to his clerk's house whom he filled with gifts. In addition, he decided to raise his salary so that he could take care of his family. Little Tim, mad with joy, exclaimed: God bless you all!

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