Llito travels to the Moon. Story for parents of children with motor disabilities

Llito travels to the Moon. Story for parents of children with motor disabilities

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Sometimes we forget that children with disabilities are just that, children. Labeling others for their condition is neither healthy nor fair. But to make our children understand this, we first have to understand it ourselves, adults. For this, we propose a story for parents that will help you reflect on how we treat children regardless of their personal, physical or social condition.

We hope to take you to the moon with this story just like Llito, for whom the your best friend's motor disability it was not an obstacle to take him riding.

When the morning of my fifth birthday my father appeared at my house with Llito, my eyes filled with tears for the joy of finally have one at home.

- I'll put a horse on it! - He said as he jumped from one corner of the house to another.

Dad explained to me that a horse had to be given a more original name than “Caballito”, which was as if I called myself “little person”. That's when I named my best friend. And he was very excited because when I started calling him that we became inseparable!

I spent whole days wanting to get out of school to get home as soon as possible and thus play with Llito. The two of us became such friends that my mother began to say that she couldn't spend that much time with him, that he had to go out and make friends. But who wants a friend if they already have one? For Llito and me, it was enough.

When one summer afternoon, already being 7 years old, I came home after going to buy hay at the farm next door, Mom told me that Llito looked hurt. I ran so fast to fetch him that I fell down the road, hurting myself so much that I was never the same again.

Now he really had a good time at home! You had to see us. There the two patients, yes, he in his stable and I in my room.

Luckily for everyone, nothing important happened to Llito, only something had gotten into his hooves that made it difficult to walk; but as soon as the vet got hold of it, Llito came to see me through the bedroom window. And there, while I was asleep, he would snort, waiting for me to wake up one day.

Until I did, I woke up.

I woke up but I no longer felt my toes as he licked them. I know it because I saw his face searching for my fingers between the sheets. So when I pulled them up and saw him suck on my feet like it was one of his favorite carrots, I realized it all. Know? I'm not stupid.

But I didn't cry either. Is not true.

My mom says i'm strong. I don't think it is. I am like everyone, with my best and worst days. But my desire to dream and my enthusiasm to move on and continue playing with Llito, enjoying being with him and doing things like just another child, made me put aside all those thoughts and simply focus on enjoying with him.

One night, when summer was almost over and the days began to shorten, Mom let me go out with Llito to see the stars. Dad had made me a car with which we had already tried going outside. It was so much fun! Like in racing movies! Although that yes, mother did not like that I told Llito to run more and more.

That night we traveled to the Moon.

We travel in a rocket. Llito knew that I needed to get out of there so he was my guide, my partner. He was my feet. And almost for a moment I could feel how we were flying in a rocket towards the great silver sphere that accompanies us there every night, in the poster of lights that the sky gives us.

I loved knowing that I could keep doing anything any other kid would want.

I wish you all understood how I understand and how I feel. I know that I will never run on my feet again, because now my feet are Llito's.

Today the breeze travels one summer night over the home meadow.

Today I know that I can travel to the Moon again whenever I want. There are no limits.

Just me and my friend. Oh well, and the moon! ”.

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