7 questions to really know how the child did in school

7 questions to really know how the child did in school

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When we pick up our son from school, we are anxious to know how he did, what he did, how many things he learned, who he played with or if the teacher scolded him, however, the most likely and concise answer we will get is: 'good'.

There are children who love to talk and tell almost without you asking them all kinds of details of their day to day, they are able to relate what happened to him, his friend and the class next door but, How can we know how children who do not like to explain are doing?

My children fall into the category of children who tell little or nothing about school, before I turned to other mothers to tell me what things children did in class. However, all I was getting was a child's point of view that wasn't mine.

Thinking about the matter, I realized that despite being a journalist I was not asking the right questions and I tried another tactic. That's when I started asking questions like these:

1- What was the rose and thorn today?
The rose is the best thing that has happened to him and the thorn is that event that he did not like, made him angry or made him sad. A question that we can ask every day and even if we do not obtain more data, it will give us clues to make a composition of how he is doing in school.

2- If you were the teacher tomorrow, what things would you do in class and what not?
A way to find out what you like most about your teacher and if at any time you did not feel comfortable with him or her. You also offer the child the ability to put themselves in the teacher's shoes and work on empathy.

3- If you had a magic wand, what children would you make disappear from class?
We can know if you do not have a good relationship with a child.

4- Who would you like to sit next to in class?
To find out, if the child does not have it, with which companions he feels more affinities.

5- When you came home from school you seemed sad, do you want to tell me what happened?
If the child does not want to answer at the moment, we must let him know that we will be happy to listen to him when he is ready and that you can also help him to solve it.

6- Have you discovered something interesting today? I would love to learn more things
Children love being the ones to teach their parents at some point. If you also accompany it with phrases like 'I had no idea' or 'how interesting', they will feel heard and important.

7- What class did you like the most today?
Perhaps he does not like mathematics very much and you already know it, but in class they have done an exercise that he found interesting, so you will learn what kind of activities throughout the day.

It is important that when we talk with our children, even for 3 minutes, we establish eye contact as they tend to be very distracted.

It is also convenient that we do it at times when nothing can attract their attention such as television or other children playing in the park. And of course, don't push them too hard, but never stop being interested in your day to day.

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