The vowels. Poem to learn letters

The vowels. Poem to learn letters

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As we can teaching children vowels in a fun way? In We suggest you do it with a short poem. It is about learning while the child has fun. Children can learn this poem and thus get to know the vowels better, and you can even put some catchy music on it so that they memorize it more easily.

When we learn the a

paint a spider Damien.

When we learn the e

paint a hedgehog Miguel.

When we learn the i

paint an igloo Mariví.

When we learn the o

I paint the bear.

When we learn the u

the grapes are painted by you.

a e i o u

Poetry brings many benefits to the education of children:

  • Favors memory
  • Improve pronunciation and diction
  • Encourage children to express themselves through words
  • Encourage children to express their emotions and feelings
  • Stimulate the rhythm

For children, poetry is a magic trunk and a play on words. The verses, the rhymes, are very attractive ingredients for them. Therefore, it is important that poems are introduced to the education of children from the earliest age.

From three, four or five years of age, children will be ready to learn and even create their own poetry. Practicing poetry with children is to discover with them a source of living words, with musical rhythm, and a very fun game. Find a quiet moment and read a poem to your child, in silence. You will see its effect.

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