Touch in premature babies

Touch in premature babies

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If a baby is born before 37 weeks, it will be considered premature, but talking about prematurity is talking about a very broad term, so it is important to know that each of the babies must be contextualized individually, it will depend on weight, age gestational and maturity.

It is distressing for parents to see their child in intensive care, intubated and isolated in an incubator. If the baby is in this situation,it will be essential to caress it through the gates. Loving care can be as important to your baby's health as the latest medical technology.

Currently, many hospitals have neonatal units that are open 24 hours a day where mothers can stay close to their children, collaborate in their care and breastfeed. Being together will favor the connection between both and the mother will feel that her baby belongs to her, it will alleviate her anguish as a premature mother and at the same time it will benefit her little one.

One of the most successful and revolutionary methods is theKangaroo method, consists of placing the baby on the breast of the mother or father in contactskin to skin.This method, once again, shows us that nurturing touch works and that it makes it easier to get ahead with babies born earlier than expected.

- Touch isyour baby's first and most important connection to the world. When he was inside of you he felt you 24 hours a day, now, that he is out fighting to survive, he will know that you are still by his side accompanying him in his recovery through touch, for him, you are everything that his world represents.

- Touch is abasic need, the human baby not only survives but reaches its full potential, in addition, proper touch will help it gain weight more quickly.

- Your premature baby has probably been subjected to many tests, and will continue a process of monitoring and treatment in his incubator, treatment that will be tremendously annoying, for that reason, we as parents, mustsensitive and receptive to the signals of our baby, adapting the touch to their needs

- Probably they will not tolerate in certain areas of their body the touch because they will still remember the punctures, tubes, masks. Be sensitive and applyhands that rest '. It is a way of preparing the baby so that over time a very gentle and delicate massage can be applied. For those highly sensitive babies who have suffered or are in pain, they will generally be soothed by hand contact. We will communicate love, warmth, comfort and comfort, and little by little any memory of pain will be eliminated. It will be days working this technique until we can subtly move our hands.

- Let us use touch with great sensitivity, as well as light, noise, posture care, avoid rough manipulations, our little one is as fragile as a feather, but remember that strong as an oak tree, he only needs your time and your company.

The arrival home was desired, you have been wanting it for a long time but now it can invade you A bit of fear faced with the situation of finding yourself alone far from the medical help that you have received so far.

The right infant massage for your baby will help you to strengthen the affective bond and confidence in yourselves. Look for professionals in Infant Massage with a specialty in Premature Families.

The nourishing touch, in addition to helping the baby, helps parents to adapt more quickly to the situation. The arrival of a premature baby in the world strengthens the family, time will teach you that when you look back and remember the first weeks and months of your child's life, you will realize how far you have come as a family, and together as family you can continue to face the future.

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