The 15 most viewed song videos on in these 15 years

The 15 most viewed song videos on in these 15 years

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On the YouTube channel of our site we have the best children's songs, the ones that children like the most. Now that we are celebrating the 15 years of our site We have made a compilation with the music videos with the most views in all this time.

Children's songs will allow you to have a good time as a family because you can sing them, dance them, invent new lyrics ... In addition, they will stimulate your child's creativity, exercise their memory and help them develop their hearing, speech and motor skills. Do not miss the 15 most viewed song videos on our site in these 15 years that we have been by your side.

1. The frog sang under the water
This is one of the funniest songs to listen to with your children. His lyrics are at a frenetic pace, so he will become almost a tongue twister that will put the diction of children to the test. In addition, learning this song is an excellent challenge for the memory of the smallest (and not so young) of the house.

2. Estrellita, where are you?
One of the most beautiful and special songs for children is "Little Star where are you". It is a very sweet theme that talks about a small star that shines incessantly in the night sky. This is one of the most popular lullabies that has helped children of different generations sleep.

3. He spoiled my child
Some babies need a lullaby or lullaby to fall asleep. Songs like "Arroró mi niño" will help you relax and fall asleep faster. If when you put your child in the crib he gets very nervous and wants you to take him out, try putting this sweet lullaby to calm him down. Its calm rhythm and melodious voice will make your baby fall asleep peacefully.

4. Cu cu the frog sang
Who has not sung "Cu cu sang the frog" at school. It is one of the favorite melodies on our YouTube channel because children find it very funny. Talk about all the characters that pass in front of a frog that waits in its pond while it croaks: a gentleman in a cape and hat, a lady in a tail suit, a sailor selling rosemary ... Your son will love it!

5. I have a dairy cow
As time goes by, the song of the dairy cow will continue to be a hit with the little ones in the house. There are many who have dreamed of having that salty cow that gives condensed milk ... Does your child already know the words? As a game, challenge him to learn it from beginning to end and he will be training his memory.

6. To my donkey
Poor donkey! His head, his heart, his ears always hurt ... Your child will love this song about a sick donkey that needs different remedies for its pain. It is one of the most viewed videos for its rhythm and its funny lyrics. Why don't you create your own choreography for this song. It does not need very complicated steps, you can choose simple movements that are repeated in each verse.

7. Traposo's greatest hits
Do you know the ragged bear? It is the fun mascot of our site who always proposes hilarious games and activities to children. That is why the video of your favorite songs is one of the most viewed. Kids love it!

8. Chicks say peep, peep, peep
Surely you also feel a little identified with the mother hen of the song of the chicks. When they are hungry and when they are cold, chicks say peep, peep, peep until they get their attention. Surely your son has sung this song a thousand times and you know the lyrics by heart. You can propose to play to invent more lyrics for this song and thus stimulate their creativity.

9. Children's song of the alphabet
If your child is learning the alphabet, this song will help him understand how letters are used as well as memorize the order in which they appear in the alphabet. Also, he will laugh a lot at this funny song. The rhythm and repetition of children's songs are an excellent tool for your child to learn in a more fun way.

10. I have a doll dressed in blue
This traditional song is many years old, in fact, it is likely that you also sang it during your childhood. But it still enchants kids today! The video in which Ragged Bear sings the song "I have a doll dressed in blue" is one of the most watched because children love their dances. Also, the lyrics to this song include tricky multiplication that can help your kids in math class.

11. The Pin Pon Song
Singing songs with children helps them improve their musical skills and diction. The doll's song will also make your child internalize some basic daily routines. Like Pin Pon, your child will want to wash their face, detangle their hair, carefully eat their soup, and when the stars come out, they will go to sleep.

12. Under a button
What can be under a button? Of course, a tiny mouse! This song is one of the children's favorites because its lyrics are funny and its rhythm fun. Try to sing it faster and faster until your tongue locks.

13. I am a cup
This song will help children learn the names of basic kitchen utensils. But, also, thanks to its choreography, this video is a great motor and memorization exercise for your child. It is one of the favorite melodies of children because it allows them to dance.

14. The Song of Noah's Ark
To dance! The song of Noah's ark is full of animals that want to save themselves from the universal flood: crocodiles, orangutan, snakes, eagles, moles ... It is one of those catchy songs that, after listening to it a couple of times, you will not be able to remove it from your head. We love!

15. The patio of my house
This is one of those traditional songs that never goes out of style among children. Often times, they sing and dance in a circle, and when the 'crouch and crouch' part arrives, everyone has to bend their knees.

What is your child's favorite song? And yours? Subscribe to the Youtube channel of our site to see these and many more videos.

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