Scary stories for children

Scary stories for children

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Fear is a normal feeling in people, it is not strange, therefore, that children feel fear of the unknown, of the dark or of falling while riding a bicycle. However, sometimes the fears become irrational or paralyze the child.

So that children can dismantle fears and accept them, in We suggest that the children face them, in a fun way. For this we have selected a series of short stories that talk about fear or whose protagonists feel fear. A great way to demystify the fear of children.

And, if you dare, you can tell these scary stories on camping nights or even during the Halloween party, do you dare?

Juan without fear. Fear is one of the childhood problems that most worries parents. This new story published by our site, gives an example that everyone, at a certain moment, feels fear, in a small or large measure. Juan without fear is an ideal story to help children overcome their fears.

Ghostly Village. If you are looking for stories in English, on our site you have The Ghostly Village, a story to read to your children so that they can learn English while having fun. Traditional stories in English to help children with their second language

The rock of the maidens. We tell you what the story of The Rock of the Maidens is about and why it is typical of the San Juan festivities. Stories to tell to the children in front of the bonfire on the night of San Juan. This happened on a Midsummer night long, long ago, when a fisherman meets a fairy ...

Jack O'Lantern tale for Halloween. On our site we tell you the legend of Jack O'Lantern, that is, Jack with the lantern. A short story that explains why pumpkins are used as lanterns on Halloween night. A scary and mysterious tale to tell children on the scariest night of the year.

The old man and death. Get to know Samaniego's fable, 'The old man and death', a short Samaniego fable for children. our site brings you short stories for children with a moral to educate and entertain children.

The bunny and the hunter. With the support and understanding of parents, it is easier for a child to kick the habit of wetting the bed every night and thus be able to play with his friends without fear or misgivings. Through children's stories, children can learn values ​​as well as behaviors to control urine.

Irene wants to be a witch. Irene has just changed countries and has not finished adjusting to the new school. She would like to be a bad witch and change everything at will. But one day, she receives a whole lesson from the hands of a real witch ... Irene finally understands that things cannot be changed, but she can change and adapt to them.

The seven kids and the wolf. our site offers you the traditional story of 'The mother goat and her seven little goats'. A story to alert children that they should never open the door of the house to strangers and that appearances can be deceiving.

Perseus and Medusa. Short legends of Greek mythology for children. In this story, the Greek hero Perseus ends the terror imposed by the Gorgon Medusa who turns the whole world to stone.

The cat and the Mouse. our site brings you The Cat and the Mouse, a fables by La Fontaine to encourage children to become fond of reading through short stories with a message. Children's stories to learn.

The pumpkin that wanted to be watermelon. Halloween story for children, starring, how could it be otherwise, by a pumpkin. The pumpkin is one of the symbols of Halloween. It is a tradition to empty it and use it as a lantern, while sponge cakes and pumpkin cakes are usually made with the filling.

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