The sun is the greatest source of vitamin D for children

The sun is the greatest source of vitamin D for children

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Sun yes? Sun no? Doctors do not stop insisting on the precautions we must take when sunbathing, both adults and children. Whether it is to spend a day at the beach, take a walk in the mountains or enjoy a game time in the park, experts recommend that we protect children with sunscreen, that we do not expose them in the central hours of the day and they wear hats and t-shirts.

However, protecting them from the sun does not mean not exposing them, the sun is the most important source of vitamin D that exists for our body and is essential for the development of bones in childhood.

Pediatricians recommend taking children outside every day, be it summer, spring, fall or winter. Unless the weather is so unfavorable that leaving the house is impossible, the daily walk should be a routine for parents. The reason for this is that the sun provides vitamin D to children, which is essential for the development and growth of bones in children. It is not surprising that in countries with little sunlight or hours of sunshine, pediatricians also recommend a vitamin D supplement to ensure the basic supply for the little ones.

To reinforce this theory, research has just been published in Sicence Translational Medicine, which explains that vitamin D is essential for the quality of our bones to be as good as possible as we age. This work explains that the deficiency of this vitamin can accelerate the aging of bones, which increases the risk of suffering fractures.

This vitamin is obtained 90% from solar radiation and 10% from food, through fatty fish, meat, juices, cereals or the yolk of eggs. It is important, in any case, to know that it is not about exposing children to more hours of sun, but the appropriate hours and always with the necessary sun cream to protect the delicate skin of babies and children.

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