Road safety mistakes we make with children for rushing

Road safety mistakes we make with children for rushing

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Every morning, the phrase that is repeated the most in any house is: "5 more minutes." You try to lengthen your sleep, even if it means getting ready more quickly, having breakfast with a little stress (or not even having breakfast) and having to pull your children by the arm so they can walk faster on the way to school.

However, rushing in the morning can have far more dangerous consequences; they can make you commit tremendous road safety errors with the kids for going faster. And you are so worried about not being late for school, that you are not aware of the danger that this poses. Therefore, in Guiainfantil.comWe list the most common failures so you are always alert.

According to the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) in 2017, 16 children under the age of 12 died in accidents on interurban roads. Of these, 5 did not use a child restraint system. And it is that, no matter how short or fast the route that is going to be done, you can not get lost for a moment. These are road safety mistakes with children to avoid.

1. You drive faster than you should
You know the speed limits well in each of the parts of your journey on the way to school, however, when you are in a hurry you do not care exactly the same. This is a great danger for the driver, but also for the passengers in the car.

2. There is no time to tie the seat well
When going fast, it is not checked if the seat or the child booster is properly attached to the car and it is not checked if the harness is correctly fastened. In the event of an accident, the child's damage would be greater due to not having properly secured the restraint system.

3. The child's coat is not removed
It does not matter if you do it to take less time or to save on heating; Seating your child in the car seat without first removing his coat can be very dangerous. This soft garment prevents the harness from adjusting well to the baby's body, so that in the event of a collision, the child could be thrown because it is not well supported.

4. You don't sit in the right place for your age
After the fights to get him up and eating a quick breakfast, the last thing you want is yet another discussion about where your son sits. For this reason, he sometimes sins recklessly and is allowed to sit in the front seat, even though he is not yet the size for it. Remember that, in order to be a co-pilot without any restraint system, you must be taller than 135 cm or be over 12 years old.

5. She carries the baby in her arms
For convenience and being a short trip, there are those who prefer to carry the child in their arms. As much as the father or mother wears the seat belt, in the event of an accident, the child would not have enough support to guarantee their safety.

6. Less attention is paid to being a familiar path
As it is a journey that is done every day, less attention is paid to the wheel. All this, together with the fact that it is still first thing in the morning and that children can be more rebellious than normal, makes short trips as dangerous as longer trips.

7. He hurries down the street
When you're in a hurry, you also make a lot of road safety mistakes outside of the car. You don't have a minute or enough patience to wait for the traffic lights to turn green, you cross the street the wrong way, you don't look both ways when going through a pedestrian crossing ...

8. When leaving the child, the chair is left unbuckled
After leaving school, when the chair is empty, it is not necessary to remove it and put it in the trunk. However, it is recommended that you remain secure at all times, with the vehicle belt fastened or with the seat anchor securely attached. Otherwise, if there is an accident, the chair could roll forward, a danger to the occupants of the car.

The rush is usually not good for anything, but even less when we talk about the road safety of children.

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